Link Building 101: About Linkbait

Link Building 101 About Linkbait.pngLinkbait is a website offering a unique or extremely timely content paired up with outstanding design and optimization offered by any SEO company San Francisco. This means a content which is either evergreen or content which is very trendy and timely and that’s where its importance lies. As you can see optimization is always part of the criteria: because if it’s not optimized well enough then people would not be able to find it.

Evergreen content: all sorts of content such as descriptions, guides, manuals which will not go out of trend just because they are past their due time. That’s why some DIY pages, blogs, manuals, cooking websites, art or history related content remain so famous for an unlimited amount of time.

Timing or time-sensitive content: depending on actual political or social event that has a high importance for this or that reason. The best examples for this can be political articles, fashion, movie, gossip and technology related websites.

  • The business has a very unique service to offer

We don’t have to go that far to find websites with unique services which just stand out because they are unique, interesting or never-seen-before. Take Disney for instance and apart from this there are tons of companies with unique services. The only question is, how well can they use it to their advantage? Normally without someone with very good writing abilities and someone with extensive design and branding abilities the breakout cannot really happen. Therefore, of course, optimized, branded and quality content is a must-have in this case too.

  • The website’s stellar content makes it an authority on a specific subject

This is hard to pull off if you have a normal business website. What one can do is build a blog or a forum which is either part of or it’s authored by the hub website (make it well known that it’s governed by your business though).

  • The website is a directory

There are well respected directories for most lines of business which can become exceptional for their unique content or for their status among others.

  • The website is a web journal

Web journals are always welcomed in every business, especially if they contain tons of worthy content on the line of business in question. Web journals are great because they can talk about tons of different things, new releases and open up tons of discussions, therefore they can drive pretty much traffic to a website.

  • Teaching/training website or blog

Training websites, DIY websites and blogs are pretty popular these days and they can certainly do a lot for the reputation and popularity of a business. Of course they take the investment of time or money. Many businesses have their blogs featured on their website and these mostly mean some pretty enjoyable content.

Find a quality digital marketing and SEO company San Francisco which deals with blogging and copywriting these days for those who don’t have enough time or intent to write these but would like their web content to have this edge over their competition.

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