Technology Interruption might not prove Beneficial to Entrepreneurs

In today’s scenario, we experience an extraordinary change in the technologies. According to common wisdom, entrepreneurs are either  disorderly and if they are disciplined than they will end up disrupted. In order to be better in an industry or field, you must follow the old school tactics, which can still be benevolent. Today, the world is blowing up with a large variety of content that is available, but most of that content is unclear and junk. The biggest SEO company of Miami, is also a startup by its owner, and he does not believe much in the new school disciplines and relies much on the old school tactics. On one hand the media sites collect advertising revenue and on the other hand the content writers do not earn more than peanuts. It is not so simple the way it might seem to be. Everyone wants to get the accurate news even if they need to pay more and search harder.

Even though the market is full of digital information in the face of ebooks and various case studies, but printed books still account for more than three quarters of the publishing market. For example, when the biggest SEO company Miami initiated working, their content writers made more use of printed books rather than the information from the Internet. It may seem that people just like to scribble notes but that is not true. Although a huge variety of ebooks are available today, which is because ebooks are easy to self-publish for the writers, but these writers do not make riches and that is the sad part of it. Quality published content in the form of printed books, remains the most demanded content and the large variety of self-published digital trash cannot compete with it.

A number of phenomenon can prove that the existing technologies prove out to be more persistent than the one one’s which are predicted or expected. Most importantly in the case of the digital information that is available on the Internet and the books, obviously books are the existing source of knowledge which do not need to be searched and their availability does not even depend over any connection. Another instance can be when you sometimes go out for lunch from your workplace and you need to get back to the office on time, you will make some swipes on your mobile or other device and book yourself an Ola or maybe Uber. But when you will walk outside the Hotel there maybe a lot of taxis just waiting there for customers like you to hop in and reach back to your workplace without wasting any time. They might be cheaper than Uber and Ola and secure as well.

According to a survey conducted in relevance to the driver-less cars which are believed to enter soon into the auto and transportation industry, and this expansion of technology may or may not change the auto industry extensively. In the survey, people did not show up to be excited for such cars, because most of them would not like any robot or computers to run their cars, and rather people love their cars and would wish to drive them by themselves. However, there are a lot of factors that determine which industries are prone to disruption and exactly at what rate.

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