Local SEO 101: My Business FAQ

As this Google application is such an essential tool today for everyone who wants to work on setting up and improving their local relevance and reachability of course there are tons of questions that are coming up with respect to this relatively new tool which are good to clarify. Here are some of the key questions and the answers to them for your information:

How does My Business come together with Google Places and the Dashboard services?

As Google has decided to convert Places into My Business, all the previous accounts will be automatically transferred to be featured under the new app.

Do I need a website if all my info is shown on this platform?

This feature serves to give you more leverage but it’s in no way a substitute for a website. Most clients will not take top audit companies seriously if they don’t have their own website. Regardless, if we turn the question around, having a website is no requisite for having an account for this app.

Can I use this tool all for free?

Yes the application is for free but you can obtain PPC AdWords or other PPC management software services by simply connecting it with your present account if you feel in need of advertised search results. Be sure to note however, that being advertised will not help you with organic rankings. Make sure you work on your reviews because it’s the stars based on the number of positive and negative reviews that play the largest role in users’ decisions.

How do I use this app with multiple locations?

Use the bulk upload tool to upload all your service locations. Make sure the addresses are fully correct along with phone numbers in case all those places are physical shops, stores or hospitality establishments.

Is it possible to use this tool if I have no physical location?

You can register regardless, but the importance is definitely lower as this tool is primarily for those with physical locations. If you offer your services city based it’s a good idea to register however.

Is it easy to verify a new Account?

It is in fact quite easy, all you need is to type in the code Google sends to your address in a physical mail.

Is it worth to be verified?

It is definitely worth although not obligatory. People love trust badges and being verified provides just that

How easy it is to register?

Just fill out all the brackets with the requested details and click on „submit”

Will my physical location be surely found?

Absolutely once you totally make sure your address is correct.

Local SEO today is a separate expertise and there are more and more companies which are offering this as one alone standing service. Before heading on to My Business, I suggest you to sit down with a local SEO expert in order to make sure everything clicks when you get started.

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