Duplicate Content Penalty is a mere illusion

There is a lot of confusion surrounding Google about the way how it handles duplicate content because the people are more afraid of duplicate content rather than the spammy links. Certain people have spread a number of myths regarding the duplicacy of content that the other people have started thinking that it actually causes a penalty, and that their pages will compete against each other and hurt their website. Various SEO agencies also have accused Google regarding the enlargement of Duplicate Content. Before spreading myths we must know what exactly duplicate content stands for, it generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely match other content or are appreciably similar. Mostly, this is not deceptive in origin. Moreover, people mistake duplicate content for a penalty because of how Google handles it. According to a survey conducted by a researcher, 25-30% of the web is the duplicate content

Here’s What Google thinks of Duplicate Content

  • Firstly it does not penalize your site.
  • Google is aware of the fact that people need diverse results in their search and not the same article over and over again, for that it consolidates and shows it in one single version.
  • Google Algorithm were introduced by Google just to prevent duplicate content from affecting the webmasters.
  • It is no ground for taking an action against a particular site unless it is for the sake of manipulating the search results.
  • The worst part of such filtering is that the worst part of this page will be displayed in the search results.
  • It is advisable not to block the duplicate content because if it not able to drag through all the versions then it can not even strengthen the signals.

Directions to treat Duplicate Content

  • You need not do anything about it and patiently sit and wait for Google to deal with it. This is the best thing you can look up to because Google will successfully gather all the pages and centralize the signals, and this is how your problem will be solved.
  • There are tags known as recognized tags that are used to combine signals and to pick your preferred version. Many a times when a website has recognized tags set correctly and there an audit still displays that there are duplicate content issues, it can really annoy the user to the next level, because when it is not an issue do not even make it an issue.
  • The 301 Redirect is an effective method that can help to prevent the pages from having duplication errors by avoiding some backup versions from being highlighted.

Although there are some things which can create issues such as scraping/spam, but most of the times the websites are responsible for generating those problems. Even the SEO vendors must be patient about the botheration and leave it to Google, it will surely treat the matter.  All we need to do is to call off the myths regarding the duplication of content. Most importantly we need to put an end to our misunderstandings because if don’t freeze it now, it is likely to remain for the next 20 years, which won’t do any good to us as well.


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