Shocking Statistics that will make you rethink LinkedIn

As per our knowledge LinkedIn is just a platform to share and upload your digital resume, but the increasing number of content impressions being delivered every week in the LinkedIn feed is a lot more than the job postings in the feed. According to the shocking statistics, LinkedIn has transformed into a platform where professionals are grabbing high-quality content from the highly professional publishers and peers who regularly share content in the news feed. With LinkedIn, even the best social media management tools can be used by the people to enhance their business and for the best results. These stats and these moves by the site proves that they are on some secret mission to change the mindset of people. The site tends to walk out of the old reputation and outlook what people have of it, and are quite determined to move beyond their current reputation as a site for the job-seekers.

Beyond the Old

LinkedIn is working to get better and beyond the old version. It is definitely a platform worth paying attention to, but you still need to rethink before getting too indulged into it. However, it is necessary to continuously and consistently share your LinkedIn company page or profile and keep scheduling your posts, only that is how you will be able to grow. You can even make your group or community a great source of information to make the most out of the growing userbase. In LinkedIn’s most recent ebook, “Spotlight on Tactics”, it is quite deeply portrayed that how LinkedIn’s internal marketing staff  utilizes content marketing on the world’s largest social media platform for professionals. This platform is quite rich in the source of information and conversation for professionals who wish to connect to the others in the industry. Although, LinkedIn is taking over the social media platform at a fast rate and grabbing new users at a large scale, but the number of active users is comparatively less than the other social media networks around. Therefore, a huge number of people are signing up but a very less number actually participates. As per the latest trending LinkedIn statistics, this platform is definitely a better place for your survey and content, and when it comes to passive content like Blog posts it might be quite right for your LinkedIn audiences as well.

This platform provides you with the opportunity mainly for the brands. Most importantly, this platform facilitates its users to connect to the world’s best professionals at just one place, and it is even being quoted in their recent ebook that when you are signing up on LinkedIn you are targeting the best audiences, “With LinkedIn, you’re targeting a quality audience in a professional context”.

LinkedIn Sales

It totally depends on the content that you create and share on LinkedIn, only that can decide whether you will be able to attract your target audiences or not. Although, it is much easier to attract and engage with professionals with an appropriate content, so that they are well aware of what exactly you are selling. In its new ebook, it is being noted that there is an immense increase in the number of professionals who use their go-to resource for their professionally-themed content and industry news. Moreover, the way we find the right destinations for the right kind of information, the same way we need to gather in the right places for the correct sources, for example, to buy stuff we go to Amazon and to connect with people, we make use Facebook, similarly to get connected to the biggest professionals for the best brands, LinkedIn is the most suitable place.


No matter what Content is and continues to be the King. Content plays a vital role in influencing decisions of the people. According to a survey, people go through around ten content pieces before getting influenced. A marketer needs to convince the outcome of the purchasing decision of his target customer, and that can be easily done through the help of the content. Therefore, content proves out to be Currency, because without a good content it can be quite a difficult task to attract new customers online and to maintain the ongoing relationships as well. LinkedIn proves out to the best when it comes to the B2B marketplace and the professionals, it is the place where your content will be best utilized and share to generate more and more leads and to win new business.

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