Close Attention should be paid to Candidate Experience for Long Lasting Benefits

There are a lot of candidates that companies come across everyday when there are job openings. Not all candidates are worthy to be hired and that is why many of them are even rejected because of not being eligible for that particular job profile. Even if the candidate do not have a match with the current job profile, that candidate can always be repeated in case there are job openings in the future where he/she can fit better. An SEO service providers company usually look for serious candidates when there is a job opening, and they do not hire people who lack seriousness. In that case the companies should maintain a good relationship with all the candidates who appear for an interview. Re-engaging is a very common occurrence when it comes to the world of job-seeking. Therefore, the companies should focus on the positive experience of the candidate so that they do not have to lose the top talent for the yet to come opportunities. Below are a few ways through which companies can prepare themselves for a positive candidate experience so that they can be easily re-engaged :

  1. Provide a great Application Experience – This is the initial step for developing a candidate-employer relationship, and it should be a positive one, as we all know first impression is the last impression. It totally depends upon the employer how he behaves and what all he communicates to the candidate, no matter what the employer should make the candidate feel comfortable keeping future perspectives in mind. Application experience also plays an important role when it comes to the experience of the candidate, because a great number of candidates do not wish to apply in a company if the application process is not able to gather their interest, messy applications are a major turn off for the top talent as well. To help the employers for making a good impression on the candidates here is a simple solution :
  • The first step should be to write a relevant job description and highlight the expectations, so that the candidate can be aware of the values of the company and the everyday grind.
  • An in-depth description of the job profile being offered
  • A clean, and simple online application process should be made. Keeping it short and sweet is better. The most important questions should be placed in the process
  • A feature that enables a candidate to attach their resume and cover letter should also exist
  • Lastly, the employer needs to encourage the candidate to make a profile on the company’s page to stay connected, and to sign up for email notifications about upcoming jobs.
  1.  Respect the Time of the Interviewees – A company must always respect the time of their employees. The employees devote a lot of their time to prepare before an interview, and the interview also consumes a lot of time. The interview should definitely involve a small talk but should not eat up a lot of time of the employee and should be straightforward. Let them know about they being hired or not as soon as possible, do not take much time, because the candidate might get hired by any other company and can be waiting for you to respond. When it’s time to break the bad news, be very clear whether its a yes or a no. Give them good genuine reasons even if they are not selected. The world’s best local SEO company is much loyal to their candidates and therefore respects their time and if they do not wish to hire a certain candidate they inform them as soon as possible, because they do not want to spoil their reputation.
  1.  Build a pool of Talent – A company must maintain talent pool and schedule follow-ups when new job openings match the candidate’s experience. It is a good idea to connect with the employees on social media as well, like on Twitter, LinkedIn and invite them to the company job fairs and to the various company campaigns. When the employers are trying to re-engage employees, then they must show the candidates how badly they need them in their company and that they can do anything to engage them. To expand the pool of talent, a company can also encourage their current employees to participate in an employee referral program, because referral takes quite less time to recruit and is quite beneficial.


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