Women Entrepreneurs Desire to put Purpose into Profit

The debate regarding profit versus altruistic goals of a business still goes on, and is pronounced in every conference. It cannot be denied that we all can do good in business and can be successful but that cannot happen without money. We need money to make money, to do good, and to make the world a better place to live in, and so on. According to a survey conducted over the attendance in women Entrepreneurs, the results clearly revealed that the top needs of the female entrepreneurs are capital and expanded networks to accelerate the growth of their business.

Here are some trends for women entrepreneurs, to bring their yearnings to reality :

  • Bootstrapping vs Venture Capital – According to the survey conducted, most of the respondents rely on bootstrapping for commencing their businesses and raise funds through close personal networks.  All of this is not surprising and rather another plain statement for anyone paying close attention to funding and female sounder community. Although women receive about 6% of the venture capital and 19% of the angel investments. It becomes quite obvious from the above survey that these females look for some other resources to support operations during the early stage of their business when any kind of support can be beneficial to them. The above figures and data indicate that there is a tremendous opportunity for the women to acquire more and more venture capital and can also tap into online crowdfunding resources.
  • Confident in their Leadership Skills – The female entrepreneurs reflect all the features of being a good leader with their primary personal strength and sales performance. Women have a great amount of emotional intelligence in them, and that is the reason why they prove out to be the best entrepreneurs and managers ever. When emotional intelligence is applied to a start-up it generally opens the door to collaboration, partnership, innovation and high employee satisfaction, and all of these factors are important for the success of a company.
  • Think Big – The survey brought out a lot of points in the limelight, like the firms which have the highest turnover is a women-owned company , and there are various firms like that which make a lot of money and are owned by women entrepreneurs. There are various SEO companies also which are owned by Women Entrepreneurs, who have high-reaching goals for their SEO, and their company is on the top most rank in the SEO company ranking. When these women were interviewed, they shared the desire of earning 50 times more than today, in the future. Therefore, women think big and which is directly proportional to the success of their companies.
  • The Link between Purpose and Profit – Women are responsible for bringing about a change in the business industry across the globe. However, they have accelerated the growth and development in the field of Social Entrepreneurship. As per the Dell-survey, majority of women responded in a way that they wish to make an impact and solve problems in addition to profit.

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