The Bitter Reality of Corporate Blogging

Blogs are online scaffolds to create specific kind of content, share them, get views on it, and interact with people throughout the world. Business blogs or corporate blogs should focus on non-promotional and regularly updated content entries. Their main target is to attract prospective buyers, or stakeholders, and to provide necessary information to predefined target audiences. A New York SEO company publishes various business blogs that serve direct and indirect business goals. However, there are some organisations, which fail to update their blog posts and that is why their blogs hinder the growth of their organization. For this particular reason, they conclude that blogging is and ineffective marketing tool.

There are a lot of blogs that get successful, and many of them even fail. To get acquainted with the reason behind this, we need to face some bitter truths behind corporate blogging :

  • No wondrous traffic generating tool – Blog is not a magical tool to generate traffic. Almost all marketing departments are making a similar mistake, they consider blogs to be the most strongest way to create new traffic, but this is just a mere myth. The primary role of a Blog is not to generate traffic, but the key role is to generate repeat traffic which is considerably more likely to complete a call of action.
  • Time and Commitment –  Blogging is not only time consuming, but it also takes a long term commitment. Building readership is certainly a long term task. It might take months for a reader to analyze and recognise your content as a useful source of information. To grab the reader’s attention, the blogger will have to keep updating blogs regularly. If the reader would be aware of your dates of releasing your posts every week, it would be really helpful for a website. All you want from a reader is to subscribe your blog so that they do not have to check your site continuously for a new content.
  • Engaging Readers is the Real Task – The real task is to engage viewers and readers to read the blogs, and to check them regularly for a useful source of content. Unfortunately, a majority of corporate blogs fail to engage audiences, just because they indulge too much in talking about their products and services, rather than asking for a feedback and suggestions. It is just not unusual for a corporate to disable comments for the fear of criticism. Most corporate blogs publish nothing more than rehashed press releases and that is also a major drawback when we talk about the issues of corporate blogging.

Enormous Expectations from Readers – There is a bulk of blogs on the web, and to make your’s visible, you need to make it different and alluring. Users can get a gist of what you are saying just by scanning the post, if you follow a few techniques: summarising the title of the content, using controversial language grabs the attention of the reader, using images helps you to communicate in a better way. Lastly, it is important to remember that blog posts should always be textual.


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