Here’s why people are leaving your site without converting

There are a lot of websites that try almost every tactic to bring traffic and to rank high. After a lot of good content production, sharing, social engagement, and even paid ads, you usually assume that your site might be attracting a lot of traffic and thousands of unique visits with a tons of page views, and still your conversions are bottoming out and growth has become sluggish, then you definitely need to review everything once again. To improve your conversions, and to step out of this ongoing problem, you should look beyond conventional CRO recommendations and A/B recommendations for obstacles.

Here are some reasons which might be turning your visitors away :

  • Your design – There are a few chances that your design might be turning away your visitors. According to the data collected by Smart insights, today the usage of mobile phones has turned to 80%, for the primary objective of accessing web. But in many cases the design of the site on their smartphone makes them leave the transaction in between. The best SEO firm works on the motive to provide you the best design for your site, both desktop and mobile optimised, for a marvellous user experience. Therefore, the sites should be fully optimized in order to be easily accessible for the mobile browsing. It is definitely quite frustrating for a visitor to be greeted by a site that requires them to zoom in and use their mobile phone horizontally. The drawbacks do not end here, the site goes from bad to worse in no time, when a pop-up designed for desktop user’s suddenly fills the mobile screen and does not even close. Eventually such a site is quite dead for a mobile user, and 30% of the users leave these sites in between only with a bitter experience. For making advancements to the mobile search, Google has updated their algorithm to make mobile compatibility a ranking factor. However, has still not updated itself to a better mobile-compatible design then you must fix it before you miss out on conversions.
  • Autoplay Videos – Many of us extremely fond of the autoplay video feature on our social accounts. Sometimes when you land on a page with an article, you wish to read, and it includes a video as well which gets loaded and starts playing, and you scramble to pause it so that you can read the article, and 90% of the people hit the close button and read the same article on any other site with a better user experience. According to some studies, the more vieos a visitors watches, the more likely they to are to spend with that particular funnel. When we change the settings of a video to Autoplay, it potentially harms the conversions because that makes us watch the videos of each and every page, and autoplaying audios can interrupt the navigation process as the user will have to find the source of the audio to shut it down immediately. In such cases the visitor has a negative reaction for such pages and they abruptly close it off.
  • Site Loading Time  – Load time can largely impact your bottom line. Most of the customers expect the sites to load within 2 seconds, and if it does not open up in those 2 seconds, the customer might just leave, and that is how conversions are affected to a total of 9%. Even if it takes 1 second for some site to load, many customers lose patience and go for a better site which does not take time to load.

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