Significance of Google knowledge Graph

Google knowledge graph was introduced in 2012. It connects various entities and produce results by understanding the facts and figures of the places, people and much more. Basically, it collects information from many resources and provides the best possible results to the internet users. It has been four years and still seo providers do not understand the significance of Google knowledge group.

Google Knowledge Graph

Google always wanted to give the best results to its users. This is one of the main reason that Google knowledge graph was launched. It uses all the available resources to provide the information to the internet users. It also helps in exploring more than the information you are searching for. Hence, you can discover more. If you are searching for Da Vinci, then in results you will be able to see the biography of Da Vinci and you can also see the option of search more. Also the results may vary on the basis of information you are searching for.

Explore more about Google Knowledge Graph

It is clear that knowledge graph collects data from millions of resources on the basis of keywords that are used frequently by people. It makes easier to find the information for which you do search. Semantic search helps knowledge graph to understand what information the user is searching for. For mapping, knowledge graph uses the entry recognition and disambiguation. The behaviour of the users also play some role in collecting the data.

Get more traffic using Knowledge Graph

You can also use knowledge graph to drive traffic to your website by creating good content and by engaging your audience. SEO companies use different ways to drive traffic. They use entity keywords. The entity you use basically connect to millions of entities that are available in the database. That is why the seo companies use keywords.

Another effective way you can use is schema markup. It helps in showing your results in the graph box. It is not that Google will feature every schema markup you will be mentioning but it is true that for some results it will do the same. Google+ is the most reliable resources from where Knowledge Graph collects information. Therefore, we suggest to share information on Google+ that is totally related to your business. It includes your location, services you offer, etc.

The reviews always play a crucial role in creating the graph box. If your website have genuine and clear reviews, then Knowledge Graph will automatically display your website in search results.

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