Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization

SEO is really elementary and essential for any online business. Search engine optimization is helpful for the proper positioning of your website so that people can easily find you at the most grave points in the purchasing process. But do you know what are topmost search engines seeking? How can you create your site in a manner that will satisfy both your clients/visitors, and Bing, Google, Yahoo and other famous search engines? Most prominently, how can search engine optimization aid your internet presence to be more lucrative?

According to seo davao, “leaving out the fundamentals and spending your money and time on fancy stuff is similar to leaving the showering and brushing your teeth, but spending money on wearing luxurious scent and buying white strips.

Get to know what exactly is Search Engine Optimization

The objective of introductory search engine optimization is not to game or cheat the search engines. Instead, the motive of search engine optimization is to build a seamless and wonderful user experience, and correspond to the search engines your targets so that they can propose your site for relevant searches.

What Topmost Search Engines Are in quest of?

All the Search Engines wants to accomplish their work properly by recommending visitors to content and website that is related to what the visitor is seeking. Now, the question is how you will determine the relevancy? Well, the answer is here.

  • Content: the content of the website should be determined by the topic that is being provided, the descriptions, titles, and text on the webpage that are provided.
  • Performance: it is important to make sure that your website runs properly and fast.
  • Authority: Your website should have sufficient content to embed to and make sure that other authoritative websites employ your site as reference or mention the facts that is accessible.
  • User Experience: your site must look good; it should be simple to navigate around. Also, it should be secure.

What Topmost Search Engines are not in quest of?

Search engine crawlers have a specific amount of data-storage. If you are doing shady strategies or attempting to trick them, possibilities are you are going to upset yourself sooner or later. Below are the things that most of the search engines are not looking for –

Bought Links: purchasing links is not a good idea while doing SEO, so be careful.

Keyword Stuffing: avoid the keyword stuffing on the webpage.

Bad User Experience: make your website simple for the visitors to navigate around. Loads of advertisements and making it hard for visitors to locate content they are seeking will just enhance your rate of bounce. If you determine your rate of bounce, it will assist to decide other details about your website.


You must always keep search engine optimization in your mind, and always pursue best practices. seo davao will help you to build a great foundation for your website and will also help you to stop from fully exploiting revenue chances.


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