Rise of Emojis

Emojis are used by every individual. People are using numerous emojis to express their feeling and their interest. It is time when people do not prefer using long description to express their feeling and that is one of the main reason that emojis are rising. In 2015, emoji became the popular word of the year. And the day is not far when all the marketers would start using emojis in the content. Also their is no doubt that one day seo providers start their SEO company providing the relevant emojis for the content. And this will help in increasing traffic to the website.

Brands using Emojis

Emojis are used to improve the online communication. It helps in adding sentiment to the content of your message. One can express their feelings in an appropriate way using emojis. Here, this is being the reason for using the emojis in marketing campaigns. Many brands have already started using emojis to advertise.

Mainly, emojis create an appeal to the brand users. But before using emojis, make sure that you know about the choice of your audience, you are using relevant emojis and you know the meaning of each emoji. And learn from other brands’ that are using emojis, like the way one SEO company learns from other best SEO companies

List of brands that are using emojis



Taco Bell


Bud Light


Things you need to keep in mind while using Emoji

Use of any object or stimuli is good if you are doing it for a purpose. But it is not fine to harm or achieve the things that are out of your reach. Some people think that trying hard would help them in accomplishing their goals but sometimes, trying hard for the wrong thing won’t even lead you to the first step. Therefore, don’t use inappropriate emoji in the content of the message.

Never blame the emoji, if you get negative response because it’s you who is using it. Your emoji is not using you. So be prepared for both positive and negative response. As positive responses will motivate you and negative response will teach you about the use of emoji.

Lastly, make sure that you are following the latest trends used for marketing. A proper balance always helps in maintaining the goodwill in the market. Hence, do not use anything in excessive amount.

If you are using emojis for marketing purpose then do not hurt the sentiments of your customers. Do not forget to use emojis to express your views in the comment box below.

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