Persona Creates Connection

Almost all the companies invest their time and money in SEO to get traffic, leads and to get its brand identity. But most important reason of contacting topseo is that SEO is about creating connections. Businesses make investment just to create connection with the audience. And a business is of no use if it does not have audience. Because audience increases traffic, it gives leads to the website and business.

Now, if we think about connections than the base of the connections can be made on the basis of personas. Marketers and specifically topseo are using it from many years. They are targeting the right audience using persona.

Persona refers to the fictional representation of the customer. It is totally based on the marketing research. And while doing market research, one should know about the customer, buying the product and services they are offering. Hence, the marketer need to find out the buying person because it is about understanding the customer’s need.

How to do Persona Research?

Research is of no use if it is not providing reliable information. Persona research helps in understanding the audience. Understanding means finding the common connections between their life and the products and services you are offering. Below are few recommendations to understand the persona of the targeted audience:

  • Social Group – No individual want to see himself/herself out of the group, as group gives the feeling of belongingness in the society. And getting influenced by the thinking of people in the group is the human nature. Therefore, search for the individuals with whom your customers interact, know about the brand they mostly prefer to use and find out their interest areas.
  • Plotting of Empathy – Empathy helps in understanding about the feelings and thoughts of an individual. By being empathetic, you can capture the perspective of the customers. Plotting of empathy helps in building strong connections with the audiences.
  • Demographics – By conducting research, one can find the demographic information. But you also need to update that information. Things keeps on changing, so does the interest of the person. As a result, try to know them as a person, about the place where they live, their age and the area of their profession.


Persona represents your audience. As a result, read about the audience and know the area of your growth because to know about the growth of the tree, one need to study the roots. Consequently, make the effective strategies to build connection with the audience.

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