Google’s Good Fate is in the cards

Google is engrossed in constantly making experiments to its outlook, and there have been a lot many changes in its outlook in a while. Even it might seem small on the surface, but it represents a massive philosophical shift. We all are well aware about the fact that Google is a massive platform, and even a small change can make a big impact on its search results, therefore the demand for SEO specialists, who can provide the best SEO service, has been rising in the market, so that Google’s impressions can be tracked and every company is able to keep up with all of Google’s algorithm changes.  With every latest update, crossing the line between content that is Google-friendly and the content that gets kicked to virtual curb becomes less of a process and more of an art form. Some screenshots that were captured on live SERP’s appear to be tests and could not be rolled out properly. In these screenshots each result is wrapped up in a container and is separated on a gray background. The major shifts of Google design trends are as follows :

Mobile-first Design

Since last two years Google has been planning a shift to the mobile-design philosophy. In the initial days of this year, Google removed the ad column from the right hand side of the Google page, which was partially due to the fact that a large part of it was being largely standardized with the ad environment. They finally came up with the mobile design which was actually known as the card-design, and which looks like just boxes and backgrounds. After various changes were made to the outlook of the Google page, the final results also could not make the mobile and desktop design look similar, and still there are display differences. Google wants to fit in everything on the left hand side of its page, which poses significant challenges. However, the way Google has been testing variations, which is going on from several months, we can only piece together Google’s intent from looking at multiple tests, but we cannot clasp onto what the final design will look like whenever it will be launched.

Google Now

Google’s card-based design is potentially compelling because of one main reason, that is, Google Now which is Google’s predictive search product. As per Google Now , you can now create a result using virtually no traditional organic results and mix multiple Knowledge Graphs, news, and other entities in a single, fluid experience. The cards on Google, make it more bendable and will soon begin to break traditional design barriers and result groupings. It is quite possible that we see multiple knowledge cards or personalized results, in case a search merits that kind of a personalization.


With a lot of changes in the design trends, Google is giving us hopes to witness an amazing design and outlook, and with all the chunks of updates it has provided till now, we can be sure our experience will be mesmerizing when it will actually launch the final outlook. Ultimately, sooner or later, we will have to expand our definition of search engine optimisation beyond all traditional results which can drive traffic.

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