White Hat SEO vs. Black Hat SEO: How to find out?

You may have heard of White and Black Hat SEO and how they differ from each other. Of course learning about this would instantly bring up the following question: how could you ever tell whether a company deals with strictly White Hat SEO or if it’s a shady company dealing with Black Hat practices that won’t bring you anywhere just take your money for not much of a thing. In this article we will share a couple of ways and methods to see if a Miami SEO company is trustworthy of it they are simply not worth of your time ( and money).

The key step to take before any other action:


The Website

  • Observe the company’s website: a website today is just like how business cards’ perception used to be back in the old day. It mirrors the image of the company. If a SEO site doesn’t look professional: then how would you ever expect them help you look more professional? So the first key way of filtering is to go through the website and consider the following:

  • How easy was it to find the website
  • How much information does the website have
  • Do they offer a clear description of what they are dealing with?
  • VERY IMPORTANT: do they have a proper address, phone number as a contact info? It’s only shady companies who won’t put their email out so this is an important criteria.

  • List of references.

If a SEO company wants to call itself professional and accomplished and it doesn’t have a nice list of references coming from legit sources, then the company is a fluke. Don’t get me wrong. Anyone can be a beginner but then they can say it that they are starting up and that’s a way different conversation with way different rates.

On the other hand, if a company is secret about who they were dealing with, it’s not a good prerequisite to starting business. Don’t accept verbal references only. Anyone can say anything verbally. Also don’t fully accept comments as references. A correct list of references is almost like a badge of excellence.

The meeting in person

I always suggest everyone who wants to do proper business to meet up in person whenever possible. Finding a Local SEO is a peace of mind. Plus you can get a lot more reference from a local company than on any other online company. Meeting in person is like a key to a good contact. It will also tell you if the SEO Company has a proper office too and all in all it will tell you if it’s a proper professional business.

All in all, these are the starting steps to learning if a Kansas SEO company is an honest and legal business. Of course there’s tons of further questions you can ask, but for start, recognizing professionalism or the lack of it from these points is well enough.


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