Things a good SEO does NOT do

There are several ways to see if a SEO company is shady or not, unfortunately however most of us don’t have the experience and the acumen to see what’s good and what’s not in the world of SEO St Louis. There are lots of promises however along the lines of which you can already determine if a SEO company is a shady one (works with Black Hat tactics) or not.

Unfortunately still many unexperienced businesses will get easily lured into the web of Black Hat SEOs.

So here are the promises which will instantly show you that a SEO company is not the right one for you

  • Doubled traffic: the amount of traffic is never a real measure of success. There is a huge difference in being the first for 5 minutes or keeping a good position for years to come.
  • Overnight rankings: promises that your site rankings will change overnight is like a fairy tale.
  • Huge amount of instant backlinks: it’s never the quantity but the quality of backlinks that count. Unfortunately there are still many shady SEO companies out there who find business with these tactics. You shouldn’t be one of their business partners.
  • ROI (Return of Investment) projections: if a company tells you that they help you double your income or they tell you that your investment in them will be paid back and double in 3 months, that’s overly shady.
  • Search engine submissions – working with software that constantly resubmits the web content.
  • Instant leads  – fake links created to lead to your website
  • Who wants to retain copyrights on all things they do for you: they can close you out from your own site if you let them do this
  • Promises for a strict amount of time: e.g. making double traffic in one week

Bad tactics also include the following:

  • Working with a huge amount of links
  • Working with their own program to generate false, copied content
  • Stealing content from other sites
  • Fake articles, blogs and any other sources used for spamming

Unfortunately many who don’t know much about SEO whatsoever will fall in the trap of these SEO companies. They may even promise you a website containing very thin content for the least amount of money to lure you in.

Most definitely what I would advise is whenever you feel the need to find a SEO or Digital Marketing company for your business, learn about SEO and legal SEO tactics first before getting involved with any shady company. People without knowledge or experience generally fall for those offering services that sound extremely promising for a low price.

But many times low price is already an indicator of low quality services. I hope my blog will help you being able to detect those who are on the shady side of SEO. Google and other search engines waged a constant war to detect all sites using shady tactics. So, don’t get yourself banned and don’t deal with SEO companies san Francisco offering you quick ways to get rich.


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