Does SEO need social media?

Today, I’m here to discuss a question that comes up very frequently: does SEO need social media? And if so, how do these two meet? How can Fremont SEO work on and affect social media or the other way round? Let’s see this time what exact effects SEO and social media have on each other and how to work them to become more relevant online?

How does social media relevance affect SEO?

This year a shocking news went through the world of internet business. When Google announced that it’s search engine doesn’t take social media relevance into consideration, it took many by shock and many felt the urgent need to do drastic changes to their online SEO and marketing strategies. However, there are certain points where social media indeed counts:

  • Link backs and shares DO count: maybe there is no DIRECT influence but that doesn’t mean that there is no indirect influence. This means, that according to the latest measures linking your site back to social media, and boost your online presence by others sharing your website’s link does indeed count a LOT. Not to mention how big a boost this gives for your online relevance.
  • Ranking can be defined on the number of shares and by credibility of your source. If people like what they read and share it, if your presence is widely shown in forms of comments and posts it will also affect your overall rand king positively
  • Google+ has a growing importance. If you are a business you need to be present on Google+ and make sure to share plenty of information there. Use hashtags to find the groups which can be the most interested in your business and reach out to them directly or indirectly.
  • Content quality and the nature of your content. Search engines now also look at the relevance of the content one is sharing: keyword stuffing won’t cut it any longer, neither will fake websites that are solely used for linking back to your websites. Relevance and acceptance is the key.
  • Hastags: The use of hashtags is not only solely limited to one social media any longer. Originally started on Twitter, today hastags are a prolific definitions of interests and trends also on other huge social media pages such as Instagram that has a massive 500 Million members. Imagine the potential of grabbing the attention of this massive membership.

Social media presence if built up and worked on with care can play an immense role in your business. Combine this with professional SEO Richmond Va and the sky is the limit.

As we can see, SEO and social media can and do work very well in co-existence helping and affecting each other along the way. Today’s professional SEO companies also start offering social media backing in their packages because its role today has grown so drastically that it just cannot be left out when it comes to making a business really relevant online.


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