New SEO tools, tricks and tips

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is constantly growing and it’s evolving because it has to:  everything

evolves around us especially in the age of a rocket-like technical development and internet has become a planet on its own right. So, it’s often that we must get the help of an accomplished boston seo company in order to be able to keep up with our competition and most importantly to constantly improve the quality of our business.

This time I’m here to share a couple of tricks and tips you can do or start learning about, start putting them in practice to see how much a little bit of attention to details and SEO can do for you. This is especially useful bloggers who are just starting to grasp some SEO knowledge.

Nr 1: the quality:

Why quality is so important? Well it’s simple. There is nothing one cannot push or advertise but no matter what eventually it’s content’s overall quality that will decide whether your blog is on a good track or not. That’s exactly when even the very best SEO consulting cannot help you. So, you need to always keep this in mind.

Nr.2: learn about keywords

Keyword is part of SEO Essentials and it’s something everyone present on the internet needs to learn more about. Basically the thing is, that nothing is random. When people are searching for something they will type in what they are looking for in the search engine. This is the keyword. SEO’s core is, to generate content along the lines of keywords and how these are entered. So that their content can pop up netters used to implements tons of keywords. Now, those are intentionally filtered out so SEO had to change their ways of doing things. Still keywords and learning about the most frequently used ones will give you a good base to understand what keywords you can use ( not more than 2 -3 times or it will be deemed intentional.)

Nr. 3: learn about your own website’s traffic and statistics

Learn who is visiting your website, per visitor number, via which search engine or browsers and what demographics they come from. This gives you a great clue as to who is reading you. You can set trends this way and improve your content. You can also get programs who show you who copied your content.

Nr. 4 Interact

Make people comment your posts. Ask their opinions. It’s great to interact and this way you can generate more attention towards your website plus get a good deal of friends who can help you with further ideas as to what to post.

Nr. 5 learn about the settings of the website you are using

Luckily there are plenty of articles out there which help you how to set up your Blogger or WordPress accounts. WordPress is especially praised when it comes to SEO settings. So check these out.

So, these are the basics one can do without extensive knowledge and all these help a great deal to generate traffic for you.


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