How Content Marketing and Link Building Work Together?

Talking about the most important terms of SEO – Content Marketing and Link Building. These terms describe separate marketing practices related to different purposes, strategies and yes the scope. Both of the processes are different from each other. But that doesn’t mean you can apply both of the processes in the same way as stated by experts working in SEO Shanghai industry. Just like you use email and content marketing together or you pair display advertising and content marketing with each other.

Below, we have depicted some of the definitions that might help in understanding the real process of link building as well as content marketing, and how these processes are different from each other:

Sliding towards content marketing, this process is defined as the practice of generating, posting and distributing content. For example, we have writers who post articles, videos, images with the sole goal to attract traffic towards their website. When you implement content marketing in an effective manner then it will surely turn out to be a beneficial approach which can drive success as well as profit.

On the other hand, when it comes link building is another SEO mechanism aiming to accentuate the quality along with quantity denoting the inbound links which are specific to a web page integrated with immense efforts that are improvising your page rankings on the results page.

Other Related Activities

In spite of their separate mechanism, both content marketing, and link building includes some similar activities within each other. Let’s understand how:

Both of the processes content marketing and link building asks you to create content and later you need to post the same content on social media networks. Alongside, the marketer has to observe their audience behavior.

However, both of the practices are almost same and encloses some difference in their objectives, purposes and surely in their connection.

Right Time to Use Link Building

Your business will have an enormous impact in SEO world and when you build a proper communication and relationship between these two purposes.

While working as an SEO individual, the process of link building actually influences the search engine algorithms. The professionals working in this digital industry we understand that link building is accessed in the same way to track the page’s popularity or its value in the digital market. Thus, encouraging a large number of quality links will have an impact on your page’s ranking.

Further, we have mentioned the tactics that can be used along with link building:

  • Producing fresh, informative and quality content
  • Finding directories that proposes follow links
  • Encouraging articles with press releases
  • Guest blogging and submitting articles for publication
  • Building connection with blogger and website owners
  • Making contributions to forums and content communities
  • Developing microsites and landing pages
  • Researching about the words or phrases that are popular in the search engines

Right Time to Use Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about implementing your practices for having lasting relationships. It just goes for the triple purpose of inviting, attracting and retaining the visitors. Often, in content marketing, the website owners has to execute a thorough research to recognize the requirements or expectations of prospects and customers. And then, the marketer can create content too:

  • Solve problems and help your customers in making better decisions
  • Entertain the visitors
  • Introduce people and establish communities
  • Make other people successful


Both link building and content marketing are named as two different marketing processes. Despite in case they work differently, but their marketing tools assists in your business in order to attain your objectives, as we have observed in SEO company china. If accessed in a proper manner, both of them should make their contribution in making your company successful.


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