Tools Which Can Improve Your Instagram Marketing

Instagram has now become a strong and of course, a powerful means for marketing. Reports from SEO services Ireland have already displayed that nearly 28 percent of the U.S. population is using it,  and hence the business owners in US need to integrate their business with Instagram. While the app alone may be enough to get you started, using the right tools can really boost up your results.

So, if you also want to take your Instagram marketing to the next level, consider the following tools:


Piqora helps you in finding the users from your niche. It lets you know exactly which images get the most likes and comments so you can enhance or improve your content strategy. According to SEO services Cork Piqora also provides unique hashtag analytics, gives you important insights into individual users and their way of using certain hashtags, and how influential those users are. This is a great feature for finding and following influencers in your niche.

2.Word Dream:

Word dream is just another mobile graphics app which is very easy to use. You do not have to do much, simply insert the text you want, and the app will create a stunning graphic automatically which you can download later and share on social media. It is customizable too, you can add some of your taste in the graphic. There are many options like color and style adjustments, filters, special effects and text layouts, you can use them according to you.


Repost helps you to repost photos on Instagram stating the credit to the original picture. It also allows you to see which photos and users are getting the maximum  reposts, and lets you you to search for relevant users, tags and contests.


Tapshop turns your Instagram page into an online shopping portal. Such that when users click on a link within your profile they will be redirected to a landing page full of your products they’ve liked.Your customers can buy those products easily through the same platform.


Crowdfire is quite common among the marketers. It provides an insight to find out inactive followers and the non followers. It also helps you in finding the new users to follow and also keeps the  track of how your social media updates and its effect on the total numbers.


Iconosquare is used to view the Instagram through web. It gives you the ability to respond to comments, search for posts by hashtag keywords, plus a new contest feature. The tool also allows you to easily see who your friends are following along with which content of yours is currently getting the most likes and comments via the Populars tab. It also gives you access to a whole host of unique analytics, like love rate, talk rate and post distribution.

Having the right tool can enhance your strategy on Instagram and can help you gain more and more customers and followers. So, its time to use these tools and become an Instagram pro.


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