One For All or One For One? What Stories Should You be Telling?

Everybody likes to be reminded of the childhood. It carries a lot of good memories and the ones that carry a great lesson.

When we listen to some stories or watch movies with the ‘bedtime stories’ concept, we are instantly taken back and we feel connected with the storyteller. The top SEO providers observed that many big and small brands are using storytelling to reach the right prospects.

So moral of the story is; tales that make people nostalgic work.

Is it the only thing that works?

Let us consider three members of the targeted audience. Mr. G, Mr. H and Ms. K.

Mr. G is working in a corporate sector and he is interested in your products because it helps him work with more efficiency. Mr. H is an artist and your products inspire him to create even better. Ms. K loves your products and she is a fan and keeps buying your products again and again.

You are telling each one of them the childhood stories and they are reacting well to them but let us tell them some different stories for once.

To Mr. G, we can tell the stories about the failures. He works in a corporate sector and he knows that everybody fails. Tell him how you didn’t lose hope and tries harder to get the success. This story would get a mind-blowing response from him. He may be currently facing the same problem and this would connect with him like anything.

To Mr. H, we can tell the story about how you started the business. Every business has an idea which starts from a vision. This vision is opposed by many people who do not understand it just yet. As the idea gets success, everybody accepts it wholeheartedly. Mr. H is an artist and he understands the importance of an idea. He understands that an idea needs a support and that probably he is not getting from anywhere. This story would be more relatable to his current situation and he would like to buy from you.

Now, Mrs. K can be told the story about the good work that you have done for the society. She is already a fan and all the good things that you have done would help to make her the loyal to the brand. When she knows that you are more than a brand, she would never turn to your competitors just because she can save a few bucks.

Getting the idea?

You can serve them the same stories and play low and safe. Or you can know them better and tell the stories that specifically matter to them. The message may be different but the underlying aim is the same; getting the conversions. Behavior analysis is the need of the hour. You need to know all about your customer just like you know yourselves. The automation can be used to deliver the message but the message should be controlled by you.

Invest in surveys or buy third-party data to get the maximum information about the audience. Know what they like, what is their background, what activities they do on the internet and what things they cannot bear at all. If possible, talk to them. Reach out to some members of the target audience and find out what things affect them. Let them do the talk, you just make the notes. Have a clear vision of what needs to be done.

Data is the first step, the next step is to act and target like anything. Draft the unique messages that cater the emotional needs of the audience. One story may perform mediocrely but specific stories will break the dam and make the audience connect.

Storytelling works but what stories, you need to decide right. The top 10 SEO Firms tell the right stories to the different prospects. They are flexible and accurate at the same time. You can contact them to hire the experts and give your project the best chance that it deserves.

If you want to know some more details about the topic, please comment below. If you want to give us some suggestions, you know what you have to do.


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