Learn SEO: Quick Guide for Images Alt Text

Alt text or alternative text is related to the images you post on your website. This text is useful for those users, who can’t see the image and alt text describes the picture for them. It explains to a blind user, what actually the image is representing. The search engine bots use this Alt test in order to decode, what the image is all about.

If you’re operating a website and you have posted images on it, then it is essential that all of the images should have alt text. Not adding the alt text for images is the practice against Google Webmaster guidelines, which results in your HTML as a non-valid aspect.

On the other hand, alt text explains your image to the search engines which drives extra traffic towards your website via Google Images. But be clear, that alt text is not going to contribute to your higher rankings in the search results. This works like an additional factor that enhances your website in front of search engine bots, as stated by SEO Companies in Berlin.

How to use Alt Text for Images?

If you wish to use alt text with your website’s images, then the following tips are for you:

  1. Keep your alt text short and simple

As we already mentioned, alt text is for blind users, explaining to them what is been showing in the image. Hence, for this short alt text will stand as appropriate options as the blind users will get the image explanation easily. Long and descriptive alt text loses its impact on the users and creates confusion.

  1. No More Keyword Stuffing

Google never ever appreciates keyword stuffing into the image alt text. Thus, it would be beneficial for you to avoid this. On the other side, try to describe your image without using any keyword as it will not make Google penalize you and you have to bear the loss.

  1. Highlight the subject of the web page

Alt text is considered as an effective approach to demonstrating the subject of the web page to search engines, which can result in providing an extra rise in search results. Therefore, including web page subject into the alt text would lead to an advantageous move.

  1. Write accurate words for products

If you are operating an eCommerce website, then a precise description reflecting relevancy with your products would stand greatly as your images alt text.

For example, the alt text as “women red silhouettes” would make any blind user to understand what the product all about is. In addition, the precise descriptions also help the search engines to know about the products.

Alt Text is just a part of the game – don’t forget there’re many more parts

The ranking provided in search engine results page depends on various aspects and alternative text is just one part of the game, but there are many other factors to play with.

In case you want to know more about SEO pie, then you can reach to professional SEO company in your city. Outreaching to these professional SEO companies is pretty simple. You can check the SEO in Germany experts to get the best services.

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