How To Make Your Blog More Optimized?

After publishing a blog on your website what do you do? Just sit and wait for people to read it? No, you need to make efforts to rise it, let it fly and be noticed by the world. If you have put in your tiring efforts in thinking about the topic, then fabricating it into wonderful words then of course you want it to be known by all.

Here are few steps suggested by renowned SEOs companies like SEO services UAE which will guide you to make your post capturing everyone’s attention:

Verify your post:

If you are a regular blogger and keep on posting very often then you might have faced a situation in which you come to know about a drastic spelling or any grammatical mistake after you have published your post. It might be possible that someone in the comments made you aware of those mistakes. How do you feel then? Of course, that would be the worst feeling. So, it is recommended to not to hurry while publishing. Just check once by previewing it. If the preview is perfect then you can always go ahead making it public.

Let’s Thank:

Yes, true that! If you have published your post based on the influence by some other party then your first job is to thank them. You can send a personal note of thanks to them or you can thank them at the same time when you are publishing your post.


Promotion and publicity of your new, innovative post is all what you need. After publishing it what do you want? You will expect that your day is filled with the tweets and discussions about your post. So, what you need to do: Use almost all social media platforms like if you are using Twitter then craft some real tweets about your post, Facebook, is of course important and especially when you have added Open Graph Markup. Then other platforms like Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn are also the part of your successful promotion.

The RSS Reader:

RSS machine helps you to publish your content directly to the email provider and then it will automatically go to your subscribers. This strategy will help you most when you post your content more often, let us say every week. If the visitors like your everyday posts then it will be beneficial for them as they will just have to check their inbox to read your post. But what you have to remember is that your visitors should not be overwhelmed with you. So, you can always provide them option of your regular topics.They can read them according to their interest.


Are your posts are getting comments? Then do not just sit back and ignore them, take out time to respond them back. A simple ‘Thank you’ reply will also help you a lot. If you are keener then visit the site of your commenters also and comment on their blogs and posts too. This will help you build interactions and increase your visibility as stated by many SEO in Dubai.


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