What are the New Changes in Google AdWords? – Find it Here!

Recently, Google AdWords had undergone some changes and these changes have been unfolded by AdWords advertisers. Thus, here we have outlined all those changes that made happen with Google AdWords. These changes were revealed by SEO Company Kansas for the working advertisers:

New Changes in Google AdWords

The Senior Vice President of Ads and Commerce of Google Sridhar Ramaswamy said that they have launched the new version of Google AdWords that help the marketers to compete in this highly competitive world. Also, they stated they have redesigned Google AdWords completely.

Some of the Changes have elaborated below:

  1. The text ads have been expanded

Google declared that the idea of eliminating the right sidebar ads was actually the part of setting up their new product which is referred as Expanded Text Ads.

Now, you can write, 30-character headlines, 80 characters for description, and can also add an auto-extracted URL with customizable domain path. The text expanded in ads have been customized accordingly to different screens taking various smartphones which they have already started contributing in extending their CTR.

  1. Responsive ads

This new strategy of responsive ads for displaying ads is based on the content quality and on your industry which might appear. Also, Google has declared that they have introduced their new inventory such that the customers are engaged with those particular ads that match the look of that content which they are searching for. Now the advertisers have been left with only work of providing a description, image, URL and headline.

  1. Individual Bid Adjustments

Bid Adjustments serve as an important tool that can control your overall expenditure by considering different attributes. Here, you can adjust your mobile bids, for instance, you can set a percentage for which you are ready to pay either you can opt for desktop version or mobile version.

Now, this same feature is also provided by Google. With this feature, you can successfully set individual bid adjustments by accessing different devices, it’s in your hands you can choose to bid more or less for mobile, desktops or other gadgets.

  1. Google Search Ads

Google has reported almost a third of mobile searches have local intent. They say that their new feature of local search ads for Google.com and Google Maps. Also, it has also reported that advertisers are accessing the location extensions more real estate on searches having some specific products or services in their local geographic area.

Searchers have been gifted with this benefit that now they can see some special offers or they can browse the available inventory directly from Google Maps.

Hence, now the experts at Google have expanded the capabilities of Google AdWords and also assisted the users to expand their business as well. Google is continuously dedicatedly working to serve the users operating at the global level by flaunting their innovative approach and latest advancements. As here in Google AdWords, they have proposed some of the unexpected changes that no one knows and what other updates they will be revealing in the coming years. At Google, the world’s best minds are working and they are making most of it.

The provided search and advertising tools by Google have driven $165 billion of economic activities for more than 1 million businesses, website publishers, and nonprofit organizations all across the United States in 2015, as stated by SEO Company Kansas and trust us this count is running at a fast pace.


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