Is your Website Mobile-Friendly? Check It With These Tools!

Having a mobile-friendly website has become the matter of utmost importance, not only for SEO San Francisco but with the global digital world. Having better user experience, means you need superior mobile-compatibility on your website. And to have that, you should figure out whether your website is working well on mobile devices or not.

Further, you’ll find the most efficient and precise tools that let you track and verify your website’s mobile compatibility:

  1. Take Mobile-Friendly Test by Google

If you have tried honestly, then mobile-friendly test by Google seems very helpful. Actually, it will tell you more about how Google’s crawlers and can let you see your web page how the users see it. Like this, it will turn out to be more advantageous as you will be following SEO practices too. The process implements as follows:

If your website scores well in the test, you will see a green message stating ‘Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly’. If it does not score well, the message will be red in color stating ‘Not mobile-friendly’.

The most interesting part of this test that it will also show you the reasons that why website failed in this test. For instance, this tool will provide you the reasons like you have wider content on your site or the links are placed too close.

  1. You can use PageSpeed Insights by Google

This is another impeccable tool by Google that performs amazingly for monitoring your website’s performance. Once you have verified your site by using this tool, then you will get thorough information about your website. It will show you the screenshots of the pages of your website stating the difference in its outlook. This Google tool make you look at the both versions of your website mobile and desktop.

Except the screenshots, the provided information includes speed scores, solutions – how can you fix the issues, and what should you choose in order to fix the problems.

  1. Take Help from Keynote MITE

This tool will check your website’s desktop version and enable you to run a test on your website by using a number of mobile devices. The devices include smartphones, tablets, and even the basic mobile phones. The best part of using this tool, that you don’t need to register, its FREE. We would recommend you to access this tool for performing mobile compatibility test, as many website owners use this tool as observed in SEO San Francisco industry.

  1. Mobile-Compatibility Test by Browserstack

This is another tool, providing effectual screenshots about how your website looks on mobile devices. In most of the scenarios, this tool stands as helpful, but it also has a downside. Since the tools loads the website on every specific device and capture a screenshot, this is the reason why it is having a slow testing process. One more thing about this tool is that it offers a paid service.

  1. Check Mobile Proficiency with Mobileok Checker by W3C’s

Showing an outdated appeal, this is only downside of this tool and it needs to updated and show an impeccable users interface making it more interactive.

Mobileok performs all the verifications of markup code for any web standards errors, graphics or image errors, resource sizes, and HTTP errors. Also, it checks for other things as well including pop-ups, the SSL certificate validity, and many other aspects.


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