GIFs are In-Trend – Learn How to Boost Up with GIFs

Today we see GIFs at almost every website. Whether its social media or any other website you will see some animated visual media placed on it. GIFs work like animated pop-ups which we usually see on Instagram feeds, email newsletters and even on other websites. As per the study conducted by experts at SEO Richmond, 23 million GIFs are posted on Tumblr every day. On Facebook, you will get more than 5 million GIFs on a daily basis. Whereas, Slack sees more than 5 million GIFs each month.

There are millions of users who feel connected with animated pictures. GIFs have made an individual place in people’s minds and everyone has their own favorite GIF and use those images somewhere on the web.

Today GIFs are changing the way of expressing one’s thoughts as well as emotions completely. Earlier, it was quite difficult that how anyone could depict their feelings through content, even through GIFs, but actually, GIFs have made this task much easier. Also, the SEO Company Salt Lake City is working towards this technique and making the approach more effective.

How can you use GIFs to humanize your brand?

There are different activities such as taking a roller coaster ride, exercising, making someone else happy or smile, there are the feelings that you can describe. The brands operating out there can use GIFs in order the emotional triggers that can have control over the feelings of your consumers and influence them in their decisions. Various researchers suggest that the emotional response to brand ads have more effect on purchase intent than the actual content of the ad.

It has been reported that in the year 2014, among 10000 stories which have been shared the most and amusement where it comprises three most popular emotions. This was almost equal to 57 percent of the content that is being surveyed. So, this depicts that those GIFs which are inspiring as well as funny can attract the maximum users and viewers.

What Actions You Should Take Before Launching Your Own GIF?

There is a possibility that you have already connected with the force of GIF lovers. If you wish to check those GIFs are for your brand, then you should follow the below points:

The GIF you have created should be aligned as per the defined guidelines of your brand and style guide. All these guides include fonts, color palettes, and many other things.

You should make an attempt to educate your audience by generating GIFs that work like how to guide that most of the people are attracted towards.

First, you should make decision about the platform on which you will be using your GIFs first, and then you should find out whether there is any key influencer who can join or not.

Also, you should focus on those elements that are subtle and associated with cinematography which make one image to move over. When it comes to fashion brands, this leads to a super effective approach.

You can also recreate or repurpose your best content from commercials by making GIF images.

Today, there are many emerging and established reputed brands who are replacing their static images into GIF ones which they report in terms of success and more sales. These people have observed sudden increases in their number of customers and they are working dedicatedly in order to make it more effective.


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