It is the Time For the Square Videos

This year in digital marketing is the year of videos.

Mobile the preferred device to consume video content.

Facebook allowed the video comments to the posts. Amazon launched the Video direct platform to compete with the YouTube. Facebook also came up with the Facebook live which is gaining a huge publicity nowadays. Many brands are making the best use of it for delivering the messages to the audience. Youtube’s viewership is increasing by the day and it has become the most popular platform to consume video content.

When every platform is facilitating the video content and audience are responding well to such content, it has become necessary to find out the best video format that works. We are not talking about the length of the video or idea behind the video. We are talking about the frame. The horizontal videos are the most popular and widely used video format but Snapchat supports the vertical videos.

As such, the marketers are feeling divided and they cannot decide what format to use. Major social platforms including YouTube and Facebook  support horizontal video format but verticals are also in demand. It is very difficult to create different video formats for the different platforms. It just increases the work when the publishers have to deliver the same message.

They firstly have to decide which video needs to be published on which platform and then create different formats according to the requirement of the platform.

As such, some digital advertisers of the Phoenix SEO are experiencing the success with the square video format. The same experience has been shared by various brands across the globe. These videos are performing extremely well on the Facebook. Digital agency Laundry Service reported that the viewership of the square videos is 28% higher than the traditional horizontal videos. Square videos have 54% higher view-through rates in the first ten seconds and 67% viewers are more likely to watch the square videos till the end as compared to the horizontal videos.

The square videos are helping the publishers to use the same video across the Facebook and the Instagram. Square videos are the Facebook’s best practices while 16:9 is what works on the YouTube. The square videos are performing well at the Facebook because the publishers are adopting the best formats. They are getting the attention of the audience in the first few seconds. The videos have sounds that make the videos more watchable and memorable.

In the video format, you really need to experiment and find out the best that may work for you. The interests of the audience are changing every day and you cannot waste your time in finding out the formula. Keep on producing the best videos and learn from the performance of the previous video.

It has been found that 1:1 videos increased the visibility of the content and got 2 times more impressions. The ad also became more memorable (although I cannot relate it with video format).

Miami SEO company suggests making the usable videos that present your thoughts in the most creative and powerful way. What do you think about the 1:1 video format? Will you be investing in such videos?


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