Replacing Your Salesperson With Robots? – Think Again!

Do you believe that robots can be your next salesperson? Yes, of course, because many companies have already started integrating this new thing into their business. They are using the automated sales person to replace the human beings! This might sound quite interesting and yes, very advantageous as now there will be less errors and the speed of the work would be fast but can the robots deliver the same results?

According to SEO companies in Noida many reports and surveys convey that nearly half of all U.S. jobs are at a high risk of being lost to computers. Moreover the increase of technical advancements and robots has led to the decrease in the number of jobs for the people around.

Here are some reasons which state that why should you not replace your sales representative with a robot:

1, Still B2B buyer engagement is low:

A recent research shows that, only 29 percent of B2B customers are engaged. In this ratio 60 percent do not bother about this engagement and 11 percent are totally disengaged. Robots will never be able to increase the revenue to a good level. So, you need highly educated humans to take this data to a good level.

2.Buyer want to see well educated humans:

SEO company Secunderabad says that when a buyer is about to spend his money, and then put a job on the line, you can bet that buyer will want to speak to a salesperson. Buyers have questions and concerns and  they require customized solutions and assurance when they buy any product or service from your company and only well educated sales representative can only give them the detailed knowledge to them and can convince them to buy your product.

It might be possible that consumers may want to buy well-known products online but they will still want to speak to a human for newer products they are less familiar with. They know it well that only a person who is authorised for this department can give them the right knowledge.

3.Consultative sales approach:

Today people want the consultative sales approach. Consultative salespeople conduct a thorough research , ask questions and listen and then provide customized solutions based on their findings.They are responsible to sell a product or service, of course, but they are also developing a relationship. And at the what matters is the relationship which you develop with them.

  1. Salesperson help you grow and innovate:

Sales representative of your company are humans so they have their own mind and thoughts. If they are a salesperson of your company then they might have the needed potential. They might be ready with innovative ideas for your business to flourish more so give them the chance to come forward to help you be more innovative.

Even if you integrate some new technologies in your sales procedure then too you need your educated sales representatives to tell people about them and help them use it.

The bottom line is that technology might be on its peak but its creators are humans and they need to stay in the system if  they will be eradicated from the scene then wo will be the ultimate guide


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