How Instagram’s One Minute Ad Format Can Boost Your Brand?

Sixty seconds ads were there once on the television set which we used to watch and enjoy. But now they are entering the web too. One of the most popular social media platform which is used for sharing videos and images, Instagram  launched its new feature of displaying one minute video in january.

Why a one minute ad format only?

The answer to this question makes a lot of sense when you consider how views are evaluated on a website. You also know the concept behind it. SEO companies in India say that when users click on content and then quickly click away, their visit may not be counted, or it may be considered as a bounce and if the user stays on the page it is considered as a hit or engagement.

Hence, the 60-second advertising format is because of this. This new format keeps users on one screen for a longer period of time which increases the onsite engagement for Instagram. The new ad format is expected to boost the site’s stats considerably by keeping users in the site’s news feed. This increases the interaction with user the users and also ads value to them.

How should you use this format to make the most of it?

1.Create your own strategy:

It means that there are many companies which share random pictures without creating a plot or a story. So, this approach will not help you much. As this new feature is a video hence it should go on in a flow. First draft a strategy and then showcase the video accordingly so that it forms a storyline in the mind of the viewer.

2.Use hashtags:

Hashtags help people to recognize you.One of the SEO services company in Jaipur says that Whenever you post your video do not forget to add some brand specific hashtag or content related hashtag. These will make it easier for the user to find you.

3.Give recognition to your customers:

Share their post, videos and stories on your wall so that they feel special. When they will come to know that you are looking at their work they will share your stories and content in turn. Post their desires and needs fill your news feed with the post of your customers.

4.Take creative photos:

Creative content is always memorable and they get more traction on Instagram. Do not hesitate to take pictures that are different from the rest. Memorable photos shared on Instagram offer you both the ability to share branded content and to create your presence online. The more you can stand out from the crowd, the better it is.

5.Share your product videos:

As now you are getting one minute time share how-to videos on your timeline showing customers using and loving your products. Offer some tips and fascinating facts to make your videos as engaging and interesting as your photos.This is definitely going to have a memorable effect and better engagement.


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