Now You Can ‘Notify’ Your Facebook Friends About Your Post

Facebook is the most popular social media platform and for the marketers; it is an advertisement platform. We all agree by now that Facebook has become crowded now because every brand is using it for marketing and customer targeting. Organic visits are just like a dream unless you are the most popular brand of the world and Facebook thinks that your posts must be served to the audiences.

Now that you are not, you have to find out different ways to do so. Advertising like Lead ads or location targeting, according to the SEO Haifa, provide an excellent alternative to getting the traffic. These two are used when you have to target a large group of audiences.

Let us assume that you have just posted a picture of the college days where you 8 friends were hanging out and happy. You want this picture to reach to all these 8 friends. You must be thinking about tagging but here is a situation. Two of your friends had an argument some time back and they are not talking to each other since. You do not want these two to know that the picture has been shared with that another friend too.

Complex, right?

This is the reason (not really but I would like to think so) why Facebook has come up with a new feature where you can notify your friends about the post that you have put on Facebook recently. At the bottom of the post, there would be an option ‘Notify a few friends about this post’. You can add up to 10 friends to the list and each one of them will be notified about it.

The notification would go like this ‘<your name> thinks that you would be interested in…’. Thus, you can share an information with friends by keeping it a secret that the same post has been shared with others too. The anonymity is valid until these people start commenting on the post and ruin your secret; which is not so much of a secret actually.

Anyhow, the feature is not launched globally and is available for a few in the UK, Canada, and France. This feature is not much to make a buzz in the digital media but it is worth mentioning as we are sure, you can make something useful out of it.

If you are just targeting a few people and you do not want the post to appear spam, use this feature when it is available for you. The people who are notified will not be sent the notifications about the interactions around the post. So, by tagging your friends, you are not irritating them and filling their notifications with the irrelevant things.

If you are wondering why this feature matter to you, let us make it clear one more time. If you are launching a new product and you want investors for it, you can create a beautiful post and notify some of them. They will receive the notifications without knowing who others are requested the same. They will feel exclusive even when they are not.

So, now you get it. Though, SEO companies advises not to use this feature too much because this also looks like a spam trick if done too often. Use it only when it is extremely important. Use it only when you want it to reach at least a few people and not buried down the ads.

If you have any views about this feature that the Facebook is experimenting with, please comment below. If it is available to you soon, will you be using it?


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