Your Company’s About Page Should Have Some X Factor

Website has become the major part of your business. You are happy because now you own it and billions of people there on the internet can access it regardless of location. What do you expect from your website? People should visit and explore your services and finally contact you and convert. But this does not happen so easily. Yes, of course, you need to optimize and use different tactics to improve its visibility and ranking but there is something else too.

Your ‘About us’ page tells about you and your services, activities and everything. Whenever a person visits your site he or she goes to this page first because they want to know the real thing about you. So, do you provide that real thing? Are you providing the genuine information in detail? If not, then how can you expect them to stay on your website to explore other pages.

About us page should be so attractive and informative that it builds and relation with your audience, here’s how you could do this:

  1. Narrate your journey:

People want something which relates to their story, they want to know about your downfalls and how you overcame them. So, do not hesitate in narrating the story of your brand. Tell them how you started and reached till here. Leeds SEO says that This will create trust among your audience and they will definitely explore your website.

People do not want to know about your products every time. They visit your about us page to find out who you really are and why are you doing this business. If some real life incident forced you to start your business then tell it to your people because they want to know it. Make your page in a form of a beautiful timeline but do not forget to give link back to your home page.

2.You can use visuals too:

You know it already what impact visuals have on the reader’s mind. Videos and images leave a long lasting effect than simple words. So, what are you waiting for? You have already decided to construct a creative timeline for your about us page so you should add good high quality visuals also. You can add videos and images related to your success stories, launches, general working, employees,  infrastructure and so on. People love to scroll and go through interesting visuals.

Supplement your visual content along with the written content because only visuals can lead to problems when there is no proper internet connection.

3.Add some recognition:

According to Landon SEO services you can add some social proof stating that really your company is best in the niche. You can add some quote from an industry leader, or some statistics about your many happy customers. You can also show the number of visitors, views and likes on your social media pages by using various widgets.

These ways can help you improve your website status and people will be attracted more towards you. If they like the story narrated by you they will definitely like to convert.


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