Google Files: 3 Reasons why YouTube Should be a Part of Your Marketing

YouTube rocks.

We all know that and we believe that too.

If you are given some time, smartphone and the internet, what would you do? Probably, watching some videos is at the top of your list and we all know that YouTube is a synonym to videos today. YouTube is the place we turn to replenish our minds when we think that we cannot work anymore at the office. 15 minutes at YouTube is nearly equal to a whole day at the spa. You feel rejuvenated.

Exaggerated much?

Well, you get the point.

SEO Company in Austin says that the YouTube is replacing the traditional televisions. It is a general prediction that by the year 2025, people under the age 32 will not subscribe to cable TV. As the most popular platform to consume video content, YouTube provides great opportunities to the marketers too. Their targeted audience is on the YouTube and their watch time has increased to 44% in the past year.

Here is how you can rethink your YouTube strategy and get the maximum benefit out of it.

#1. A perfect blend of the TV and YouTube

People are abandoning the TV sets but as a marketer, you should not. If YouTube is a part of your marketing strategy, so should be the TV. Many brands have experienced extra benefits when they target both TV and YouTube for digital advertising. With the deadly combo, 46% of the marketers are benefited more and reached to 42% more audience as compared to TV alone. If you have to increase the brand awareness, you should catch the audience bouncing off the TV at the YouTube.

If you target both the YouTube and TV, you do not have to spend extra but the rewards are really worth something.

#2. Brand in Focus on YouTube

YouTube ads perform well. We are often scared that the long video does not get as much appreciation as the shorter ones but YouTube says otherwise. The top performing videos on YouTube are over a minute. If you want to tell the brand stories or communicate a social message, you should use YouTube.

The ads on YouTube not only creates an awareness, they can be recalled easily and often. After watching the videos, people are more likely to visit the store or website. People tune into YouTube to know, to see, and to buy. You have to create videos to target every micro-moment.

#3. Let audience discover your past content

How many times you went to YouTube and watched just one video if you had time?

I am never satisfied with watching just one video on YouTube. Whenever I watch and like a video, I go ahead to explore more such videos from the channel. No matter how old are the videos, watching them is fun.

This is the best thing about YouTube. Nothing is too old to not watch. If your YouTube videos are not performing today, they will sometime in the future. If you are using it for ads, your ads will have a longer lifespan than on the TV. According to the marketing experts, the YouTube ads get the audience for months, unlike TV where you get the attention for maximum 30 seconds. When brands use TrueView and post new videos, the engagement on past videos increases by up to 500%.

Visuals are the center of content strategy today and what can be a better platform for the most engaging visuals; Videos, other than YouTube. Use YouTube to come closer to your audience. It is where your audience is spending their time.

Get to the SEO consulting services and start creating useful videos for your audience. As the Facebook VP predicted that it is going to be all video within 5 years, you cannot afford to be left behind. Gather a team of the creatives and start producing videos for YouTube.

If you have some tips to add to this article, please comment below.


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