Procrastination Can Be Good For Your Ideas

The literal meaning of procrastination is delaying something. You can relate procrastination to any situation. It can be to your decisions related to life matters, career, or something related to your workplace. We all have faced such situations where we have to procrastinate because we do not know how to react at that time. Many people say that procrastination is bad and it is of no use but some of the experts from SEO companies Ireland have found out through some practical examples that procrastination is not always bad. It can help you out in many ways.

Here are some of the situations when procrastination can be helpful:

1.When it is about creative writing:

You might have noticed that while writing when you are given more time you just struggle to think about something creative and when you are short of time you just write whatever you think and then the juice of creativity flows in. This is where procrastination helps you in the best way because when you shift the writing idea for the later part of the day you write whatever you think and then it goes on more smoothly.

2.When you make any personal choice:

When you have to make any personal choice then too procrastination helps you. It is the time when sit with a difficult decision. If you will think the whole day and try to make it fast it will not help you, waiting until the last minute to actually decide will allow you to be more correct and decisive.

3.When you work with others:

It is frustrating when you have completed some project and then the client asks for some changes. Experts from SEO company Cork say that when the client keeps on hopping forth and back But if the client keeps fluctuating  back and forth it might be a good idea to wait for them to figure out what and when they really want.

  1. When you have to apologise:

Some mistakes require accurate and immediate apologies, but in a situation where you may have made the wrong move with a client, hurt a friend’s feelings or got into an argument with a loved one you should not hurry and take a day before you apologize. Even if you realize soon that it is you who is the culprit then too waiting will  help you cope up with emotions and allow you to ponder over the situation in an unbiased way. If you will wait and then take clear decisions it will be more effective.

These four situations clearly depict that procrastination is helpful in this hasty world. You need to be fast and quick in your decisions but some decisions, even if they are crucial you cannot decide about then in a hurry.


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