4 Types of Conversations You Need to Have With Your Leads

Conversations lead your leads to conversion.

Okey, let us simplify this.

Conversations bring conversions.

That sounds better.

The biggest problem that the online businesses suffer today is that more than half of the traffic does not convert. And we are not talking about conversion on the first visit. That percentage is scary. According to the SEO Brazil, 99% of people say that they do not purchase from a website on the first visit.

Why does this happen?

The primary reason for such behavior of the audience is trust issues. In the internet of things, they are still not able to trust any online shopping portal with their hard-earned money. They would rather purchase from their favorite shopping portal or check the visited website again and again until they are convinced.

Now, let us assume that we are in a supermarket, the old brick and mortar style supermarket. We are just browsing through the pet food shelves. It’s been awhile but we are unable to decide what to do. And then comes our knight in the shining armor; we mean the salesboy. He asked if we wanted any help. We explained to him that we want that particular kind of dog food. Since he is a kind of an expert, he reached out to one of the packets and gave us telling it is exactly what we want.

We are happy to have the thing that we came looking for. Now consider the online store, when we are confused, how we find a solution to that problem. Reviews may be or read some blogs. How many of us actually go to the customer care to enquire?

Well, I cannot see many raised hands.

We often do not do that. If we do, we do not have  a name and a face to relate to. Hence, we cannot trust these people as much as we trust that salesboy.

Moral of the story?

Brands need to invest time and resources in establishing a conversation with the audience. There are four kinds of conversation that you need to start right now. So, let us see what they are.

#1. Deep and Meaningful conversations

You know the importance of conversation in a relation. Whether it is with your partner or your mother, you have always sought out the differences with the conversations. The same rule applies to your audience too. You need to catch them when they are seeking help. You already may be doing that on the discussion forums, Q&A platforms, and Facebook. These are the places where your audiences are and they are spending a considerate amount of time. Engage with them and try to learn about their concerns. The process is not a one-day process, so you need to have a team at a place for such purpose.

#2. Small pep talks

Long conversations are good but only when your audience has enough time to invest. The small talk, however, can replace the deep meaningful conversations anytime. Let us consider our 140-character friend Twitter. The conversations are short but the engagement is not. Just use nice images and deliver your message. The interested audience will participate in the conversation. Reply back to solve the queries and establish trust.

#3. Conversation that does not involve you

Who said it should be all about you?

To earn the trust, keep yourselves aside for a minute or just act like it. Make your audience the hero who is searching for the solution and finds that too. Motivate your audience to find the solution for every issue that they may have. Slip in the conversations that your products may help. If you are associated with any cause, tell audiences to help the people by buying your products. If you are doing something for the society or the ecosystem, mention that in the conversation.

#4. Personal Sort of a conversation

We are not talking about the phone calls (although that is not a bad idea for B2B relationships). Emails are the best means of communication that most of the people prefer today. There is no intrusion of anyone else and you can talk whatever you like. The better version of the email conversation is the chat boxes where you ask and they reply. The emails need to be specific, though. Do not scare your audiences with irrelevant creepy emails. Personalize them and impress audiences by consistency and relevance. SEO Sao Paulo suggests using the drip emails where emails are sent consecutively to increase the participation and establish trust.

So, are you ready to swipe your audiences off their feet by a meaningful conversation? If you have any ideas about how you are going to do that, please comment below. If you want to get the answers, please comment below. We are waiting to hear from you.


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