Use these Platforms for Building Social Media Contests

While building followers, it is considered an exciting thing to run a contest on social media channels. There are a number of platforms that launch and track contests with easy processes that too across various social networks.

Here, we’re listing some of the platforms for such contests recommended by professional SEO consulting. These platforms propose basic plans for little or with no cost at all.


Hootsuite comprises a range of marketing tools, which includes content tools for different social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine. You can run any type of contest like photo contest, video or essay contest. With this platform, you’ll be having a quiz, poll, caption contest, commenting sweepstakes or gallery with voting.


If you’re searching for an easy and quick solution to host contest on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, then Rafflecopter will surely for you. While using this, you select your prize, select the entry criteria, choose and declare the winners with easy processes. Also, there is an option for customization theme that matches your brand.


This is one of the popular platforms for implementing promotional activities on social media apps. Woobox comprises sweepstakes, quizzes, photo contests, instant win, video contests, pin to win, selecting the winner, claiming prize and much more.


This platform is inclined towards Facebook. It features photo, video and essay contests, trivia queries and many games. By using this platform, you can also track your performance and promote your contests on other social media networks like LinkedIn and Twitter.


You can run Facebook contests by accessing this platform along with voting restrictions, and preventing any kind of fraud activities. You can host a contest on Instagram and later promote the same contest on Twitter. Embed campaigns on your website and later publish the campaigns to the web. Alongside, this platform allows you to access real-time data such as a number of views, traffic sources, entries number, shares and much more.


Another social media management platform embracing plenty of apps to run and track your social media promotions. By accessing AgolaPulse you can access free contests, quiz, photo contest or sweepstakes directly on your Facebook Timeline. The Facebook apps enclose instant win, test for personality, coupon app and much more.


Wishpond caters the users as a lead generation platform which helps in creating landing pages and contests, tracking leads and also automates your email campaigns, as suggested by SEO consultant experts. With this platform, you can easily run sweepstakes, photo contests, hashtag contests on Instagram and much more.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact, this is an email service and also works as a social media marketing platform. With this platform, you can create sweepstakes, coupons, or downloadable content. Also, it helps you in creating a professional looking landing page, which you can promote on emails or social media later. Moreover, it permits you to track your promotions with easy-to-read stats and reporting.


Binkd is another social promotions platform that runs hashtag sweepstakes, refer a friend contest, instant win, coupon app, trivia contest and enter to win sweepstakes. Grow and engage your audience by building contests or sweepstakes on different social channels such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. top 10 seo companies


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