Before Promoting Be Ensure That you’re Acquiring Conversions

Go to Facebook or LinkedIn and visit and e-commerce group, you’ll likely to find a standard question in every group – “How to use AdWords more properly to get more people to make the purchase?”

Most of the cases seem like people are asking wrong questions, and thus, they’re getting wrong answers.

But have you ever consider the reason, why you getting poor results. Its actually much not with the ad targeting, but its poorly designed pages and websites, as stated by best Seo Company in Bhopal. For that reason, no website owner should think of spending money on advertisements that lead visitors to that pages that aren’t increasing the conversion rates.

Below, you’ll find the reasons that why people are not converting from pay per click posts and ads.

The ad copy is not reflecting the product properly: The visitor is redirected to a page, where there he has to do little with the marketing copy.

You have poorly designed landing page: Your landing page is not appealing to the eye since other aspects are distracting the users or you’re layout is not that impressive.

You’ve not designed the landing page for consumer to take action: Each page of your website needs a definitive call to action. Especially in the case, when you’re spending money on sending people to that page.

Therefore, keep the thing in mind, no matter how well you’ve designed your landing page, there is always a room for improvement.

Reasons – Why Shoppers Bounce After Clicking the Ad

Pages are loading slowly: Make sure you test the speed of your website. You can use the free tool provided by Google and you’ll get those things and elements which are detaining the things down.

Giving your products too technical and lengthy names: Remember, the product name is not the description. You need to be concise and make sure you’re using simple words.

Formatting pricing poorly: Not only your products, but the price should also stand out. So, be careful about using special fonts and strike-through.

Not-so-impressive Images: Its simple, images can be good or bad. If you’ve posted an out-of-focus photo or the image doesn’t represent your product perfectly. So make sure, you’re showing the best possible images of your product.

Paying attention to no customers reviews: You know customers’ reviews can make contribution in selling your products and its works better than the product descriptions. Non-availability of review aspect may make people look for feedback at other sites. And keep in mind, if no one has rated the product, gives the indication that no one has actually purchased the product.

Not showing the sense of urgency: Bookmark or “save” option for the product doesn’t actually represent the potential sale. Even, the chances are very less the consumer will return to the product. By employing a sense of urgency, you will be helped in increasing the chance of converting visitors in real time.

Not emphasizing the free shipping options and other guarantees: The buyers also look for saving some bucks, thus they prefer to save on shipping price, as in online shopping they know that they can return the products, in case they don’t like the product. According to SEO Company Ahmedabad, make sure that you incorporate vital information to your specific product pages and highlight the free shipping.

Not being honest with products: You have to tell truth about the products and use simple words that people understand quickly.


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