You Can Create A Content Calendar For Your Blog – Sounds Interesting!

Posting regularly on your blog is important otherwise people will not visit it and your traffic might get affected. Every content marketing expert says that posting regular content will bind your readers with you and they will expect more if your content is worthwhile. But the greatest problem is that you struggle from posting regularly. Content writers from SEO services Mississauga say that there are times when you are either short of ideas and just stare at the screen for hours and then shutdown your laptop or your busy schedule will not let you write.

To cope up with these problems many experts have found out a way and it is called as the content calendar. You might have heard of it or tried it earlier but it is helpful in every way.

Here you will get a step by step guide to create your own content calendar. There are many software also which can help you to reduce your task. So, let us see how you can make your own content calendar:

1.Create a list of your ideas:

When it comes to creating a calendar many of you will just start deciding the dates and the number of content to straight away start creating the calendar. This is not the right way and this is because you fail to adhere to it.

First and foremost thing is to collect the ideas on which you are going to write your blogs. You should atleast have a list of 20 to 30 ideas and when you decide that then you can switch to the second step.

  1. Your posting frequency:

You will have to decide your posting frequency which means when will you write and post. Will it be daily, weekly or monthly. There is not set rule or the best schedule of posting you can post anytime but you should keep it regular. You can post once every week if you do not find time daily but posting monthly would be too long for your audience to remember you.

3.Now you can create your calendar accordingly:

According to SEO services Montreal there are many tools which can be used for free and you can make your own calendar where you can slot your ideas. Depending on your workflow there are many tool which can help you decide the proper time when to post your content.

Tools like:

  • EditFlow is a WordPress plugin and it is 100% free which is very comprehensive and helps you create a proper calendar from the scratch.
  • CoSchedule is a calendar creating app which works on all the platforms.
  • You can also use Google calendar.
  • Spreadsheet
  • Or simple pen and paper as it helps you to remember things.

Once you are done with your calendar creation and you start following it you will never find yourself struggling in this vast sea of digital marketing. You will have all the ideas beforehand and the next thing what you have to is just pour the bottle of your thoughts on that screen.


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