Some Top Brands Doing Great Inventions In Their Own Sector

Almost every business organization tries to establish itself respective business to promote their unique brand in the market. According to the experts from St. Louis SEO to make their brand shine above all the services or products they services are of the highest brilliance but still only some of them are outstanding to an extent that other entrepreneurs follow  them. This happens because of the dynamic and creative approach and mechanism used in their service to introduce new standards in the business world.

In developing country like India only handful of companies have really caught the attention of the targeted and prospective customers within a short span of time. These companies have achieved the heights through their work culture but also paved a path for completely changed dimensions in their own sector.

Some of the brands who are able to make their rapport in this competitive market are:


Indigo is one of the popular airline services which is nailing its business by setting a new strategic plan in the growing airlines stream.  What special did they do? You do not have to search for specialities you can begin with small things as Indigo did.

They have created stepless ramps which reduced the boarding times. This is innovation in home. They have also used line-busting scanners to make the scanning and checking of the customers easy and faster.

Their services include responding to the queries of customers within 12 minutes, they also have braille script for impaired travellers and digital data link is another innovation in the list of their exuberant services.

  1. Domino India:

SEO San Diego says that This brand is aiming at uniting the philosophy globally and locally. With this vision in mind Domino’s India has gained popularity with its unique theme of mechanism as well as operations.  The brand concept of Domino’s India of delivering pizza within 30 minutes or it is free is designed specially to offer home delivery within 30 minutes after the order is requested.

They are using this scientifically mapped technology which  helps them to reach each area on time. Apart from reaching on time  the expert chefs are hired to deliver an Indian touch to the topping of pizza. These may range from South Indian recipes and other region’s tastes and styles. A major thing which the existing entrepreneurs can learn from the technique of Domino’s India is to deliver the services to the masses on time and take full advantage of the growing technology.

3.Tata Swach:

To deliver the safe and clean drinking water in every part of the country Tata Swach designed a new business model which is a low-cost water purifier. Tata Chemicals came in association with Tata Conglomerate and utilized a technology wherein rice husk ash is soaked in silver nano-particles. This cleans the water and is provided in every Indian household. Tata Swach has reported that with this technology billions of bacterias can be removed along with 10 million viruses from one litre of water.

With this innovative and highly helpful technology Tata Swach has made its position more firm and trustworthy among its customers.

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