Now Instagram Ad Campaigns No Longer Requires Instagram Account

Facebook has again come up a new feature for Instagram i.e. Instagram Ads. This launch was highly anticipated since many webmasters would not leave the opportunity of promoting their brand on Insta, as stated by SEO Companies Philippines. Although previously Instagram audience was not for everyone, thus it is required to link the ads with Instagram account.

Facebook launched this feature in the first week of December 2015. That means, from December Instagram enabled the businesses to run Instagram ads without having an Instagram account. Ads without an Instagram account means the marketers boost their engagement and scale up low-cost conversions with the ads available on Instagram without even need of creating an account on Instagram.

Further, you’ll get to know what’s new with Instagram Ads

What’s New with Instagram Ads?

Before this launch, the marketers were not allowed to post ads without having a link with Instagram account. Now, the things have been changed, they can promote their link without building a link between Instagram ads and account. Since they will be managing their Instagram ads through Facebook Business Manager.

Disadvantages of this change:

  • The businesses will be required to create, optimize and manage a page on Instagram.
  • The businesses will have to create an audience on Instagram to acquire some organic reach through their posts.
  • The businesses didn’t need to assign resources to an Instagram profile without knowing their worth.

Since the first week of December 2015, when Facebook introduced this change, the advertisers were allowed to create Instagram ads by using the Facebook Ad Manager with no Instagram account and without linking the Instagram account with Facebook Business Manager. Now, Instagram ads can be accessed as placements and it can be selected as a target when setting an ad.

Would it be better to have an account on Instagram and linking it with ads? Yes, as stated by Facebook:

“We recommend (but don’t require) connecting an Instagram account to run ads on Instagram. Representing your business with an Instagram account may help you get better results for your ad.”

How to set up an Instagram Ads without having an Instagram account?

  1. To set up your Instagram ads, you should be having an account not on Instagram but on Facebook Business Manager and then follow the below steps:
  2. Open your Facebook Ad Manager and create a new campaign (or you can go for an existing campaign). Open an ad set of that the created campaign and later add Instagram as a target method for your ad set.
  3. Go to the ads of that ad set and make a new ad.
  4. While creating an ad, choose your Facebook page as the ad destination.

And you have successfully set up your ad on Instagram, which will also be displayed on Facebook.

Below, we have outlined some of the advantages of Instagram ads but remember the benefits of Instagram ads are not limited to the following points, they are more to that, as depicted by SEO Company Davao:

Advantages of Instagram Ads:

  • The advertisers can use all the targeting approaches that are available on Facebook.
  • Advertisers can also access the bidding options that are available on Facebook.
  • You will be paying for your Insta ads when somebody clicks on your ad.
  • One can manage their Instagram ads by using Facebook Ad Manager.
  • After posting Instagram ads, you can track the conversions by using the same pixels that the advertisers access for Facebook ads.

So what do you think about this Facebook’s launch? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Jacob Janson is the Research Manager with 10seos,10seos is one of the finest rating and reviewing segments. Jacob heads the SEO and PPC research at 10seos. You can follow 10seos at @10seos


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