Landing Pages Strategies Of Different Companies Which Enhanced Their Business Overnight

Landing page of your website is the first place where your customer or audience interact with you or your business. So, it should be perfect and optimized. You know that you have tried everything in making your website look terrific and your customers will like it, but still there are some smart strategies which you need to think about your landing page.

Here are some of the optimization strategies of some brands which helped them to become the king overnight:

1.Dewalt(black And Decker):

is a well-known, trusted brand under the Black and Decker. The brand has a very unique sales funnel and strategy with call-to-action buttons spread all over the site that are considered important to the purchase path of consumers.

SEO Montreal says that This company wanted to test various calls-to-action with the goal of driving more and more visitors to the landing pages and increasing the purchase of power tools. So, they created two landing pages on one they had button stating ‘buy now’ while the other had ‘shop now’. Different people had different views on the change but the results said that ‘buy now’ was clicked 17% more times than ‘shop now’. The reason stated by the experts states that ‘shop now’ sounds less committal than ‘buy now’.

As a whole this experiment shows that even the words used on the buttons of your landing page matter a lot.


They also wanted to do something creative on their landing page to increase their traffic and conversions. They were already informed that their site was doing quite well as they are already using the smartest techniques on their website. The techniques include using large images of products in order to display them well in front of the user.

They knew that going with a more uniform approach with consistent products might be the better idea to increase average revenue per visitor. And as a result their revenue at an average increased to 17.1% per visitor.


Lifeproof is a company which designs various electronic cases to protect your smartphones and tablets from harsh environmental conditions. According to SEO canada They conducted a research to find out and state the true meaning of call to action. Their landing page has a button stating ‘shop’ to test it they created two variations stating ‘shop now’ and ‘store’.

After the experiment they found that people clicked more on ‘shop now’ . Hence they proved that A call-to-action is just what the name suggests, you’re telling a customer to take action. You can use buttons with noun text and still see conversions but the best results come from a clear and  direction that you want your customers to take.

  1. Business suites:

Business suites provides virtual offices to the companies. The biggest hit suffered by the company was when they did not get any traffic on their website and there was no conversion from the landing pages. It was dreadful for them because that was from where their major traffic came from. So, they decided to redesign their site and this they included limited copy, fewer form fields and removed location specific address listings.

After these changes the website saw a drastic increase in conversion upto 88%.

So these were some of the case studies which show that how changing your landing page design can enhance your business. Try out some of your ideas and see what happens.


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