You Are Ruining Your Business By Using These Passive Aggressive Text Phrases

There are people who cannot show their true feelings in front of the people. This leads to passive aggression which means that they fight withinn them but say normal words to hide those feelings. Do you know what happens in this case? Both the parties are frustrated and this does not lead to any solution. If you are also of the same kind then you might have realized that it is not at all a good way to resolve conflicts.

Many employees from SEO company Kolkata say that if it is about your buisness then it will make you less trusted in fornt of others. This can affect your business a lot. Here are some of the passive aggressive texts which are very common and the real meaning behind them:


Experts say that whenever someone tells you that everything is “fine,” that always means the opposite. This word is pretty common and people use it usually. It is stated in Psychology Today that the those who are passive aggressive they use phrases like ‘Fine’ in order to express anger indirectly or to stop the comunication then and there.

2.’No worries’:

This means you do have worries. It is elaborated by many experts and doctors that the true meaning of this phrase is screw you. This shows the true anger and frustration of the person who is passive aggressive.

3.’If you really want to’:

This phrase is a confusing one. It may appear to be accommodating initially but it is not really. SEO company Mumbai believes that whenever you tell someone, or someone else says this phrase, you’re actually being noncommittal. It sounds to others like you’re going with the plan, but inside, you’re not all that thrilled actually and you do not know how to comunicate your feelings with other people so you say these words in order to hide it.

4.’Thanks in advance’:

This phrase is quite soothing but it is not really. It simply means that if someone is saying you this then you will have to do the work anyhow. You will have to do whatever they are asking you to do. This craetes a line of frustration and ruins your relationship.

5.’I was surprised to know’:

This phrase is used to disguise criticism. You want to criticise something but you are not able to because it will not be a healthy discussion. So, in order to hide those feelings of your you say such phrases.

6.’I am not mad’:

This phrase simply says that you are not being honest with the person. Where there is no honesty there is no relation no matter it is your life or buisness, honesty is needed.


This is the rudest of all. It does not hide your feelings it just shows it all in its own way. Thsi simply states that you do not care. Obnce you type this word everything comes crashing down as it depicts that you are no more serious about the discussion.


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