Want to Write a Successful News? Answer the 5Ws and 1H

You often need to write some news for your Company, it may be a big acquisition or an investment. It may be about some event that your Company is hosting.

What is your general approach to writing such article?

You collect all the information about the event and write the content. Does your article always offer the complete news to the audiences? It is necessary that you answer the 6 questions of your article that the audiences need to know. Let us see what six questions best SEO Company in Noida suggests us to answer.

#1. Who

Start with writing about the parties involved. Write a brief intro about your company and its ideals. If there is a second party involved like in acquisition, investment, co-sponsor, lawsuit etc. write about them too. Before reading the news further, the audiences would firstly want to know about the brands which are involved in the news.

#2. What

Next comes the real story. Do not stretch the introduction further and write the actual news in the first paragraph in brief. This would help to deliver the message even to those readers who just read the first paragraph and scan the rest of the article. Do not bore with the details at the start. The intro is to raise the curiosity not to spoil the news of the article. In the later part, when you are done answering the 6 questions, you can reframe the content to give out more details.

#3. Why

Sometimes, the why is very important for a news. After reading what is happening, people would certainly want to know why is this happening all of a sudden. If it is a bad news, the ‘why’ becomes more important than ‘what’. Let us consider a news, Google has removed the right side rail of ads from SERP. The audiences (advertisers) would certainly want to know why is this happening. They are losing the opportunity to advertise there, they are losing their spot, so not writing ‘why’, would leave out an important piece of the puzzle in your article and it would not perform well.

#4. Where

For an event, answer the location where it is going to happen. It may be the address of your company if the event is in-house or the address of the society where you are organizing a community event. The ‘where’ does not matter for the news like partnerships or new deals.

#5. When

If you are rolling out new changes in the strategies, always mention the date when the change is going to implement. Do not leave your audiences hanging by writing soon or in the near future. It is always beneficial for the company to set a countdown timer so that audiences will wait for the big change. If you are writing about some event, ‘when’ and the duration are important.

#6. How

After reading the news, your audiences may wonder ‘how is that possible?’ Answer this ‘how’ for them. Write what triggered the change or what lead the business to take such an action. ‘How’ can help audiences to understand the change better. If you are writing about a new product launch, you should answer how that is gonna work for the audiences and how they will get benefitted.

SEO Companies in Secunderabad use these questions before sending any news to the journalists. Answering these six questions would leave no space for the confusion. The audiences will understand the news better and they will identify whether the news is relevant to them or not. It would be easy to grab the news and who knows they respond to your post too.

So, get answers to the six questions before starting any news article. How do you write a news? Is it going to change after reading this article? Please write to us.


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