Some are Removing the emojis, Some are Empowering them (and They Both are Correct)

Use of Emojis is not new to the conversations. They are fun and expressive too. You can do conversations for hours without using a single word but emojis. Messages, social media, emails, chat boxes, and messaging apps, nothing is untouched by the emojis. Marketers are constantly adopting different ways to use the emojis to connect with the customers.

Many brands are developing their own emojis to target their customers better. We came across two news regarding emojis.

Apple has removed one emoji from the iMessage from the latest update. At the same time, Twitter is allowing emoji targeted ad campaigns.

Why is Apple removing this emoji?

Apple has announced to remove the rifle emoji from iOS. This emoji was a part of the Olympics-themed emojis but opposed by UK gun control groups; considering it inappropriate. The emoji seemed violent and against the principles of humanism. This group also opposed the emoji with a man firing the gun. While the reason for the inclusion of this emoji is pure because it is an Olympic sport, Apple is removing it from the latest update. While we are going to lose one emojis, several others are coming with the next update. They will be more smartphone-friendly like scooters, salad bowls etc.

Now see what Twitter is planning

SEO Utrecht reported that more than 110 billion emojis have been used in the tweets since 2014. Not only users but brands are also using the emojis to express themselves. The food and beverages company are using the 🍜, 🍟, πŸ”, πŸ—,🍨,🍰,β˜•,🍹 etc. Users are also using such emojis to tweet eating at a restaurant or cooking for the first time.

Twitter is, thus, allowing to plan the ad campaign for the people who tweeted recently using the brand related emojis. This emoji targeting would help the brands to identify the people who are generally interested in what they sell. They will reach to all such people who have interests which the brands can meet. An ad by the ice cream selling company would reach to all those people who tweets using the ice cream emoji.

This concept is no different than the keyword targeting. Since the use of emojis is increasing and they are replacing the potential keywords of the brands, such a change is a pleasant one. According to the reports from Twitter, at the present time, brands can only target one emoji at a time for a campaign. The emoji targeting is possible only by the official partners of Twitter; AdParlor, HYFN, Perion, Amobee, SocialCode, and 4C. Twitter made this announcement because it considers that now brands will add a personality to their ad campaign. It would drive better CTA and sales. This feature uses the emojis as a signal to represent the mood and mindset of the users. When brands know exactly what their audiences are feeling, they can be more presentable.

Get in touch with your SEO consulting services and start an emoji targeted ad campaign for your brand. The earlier you start, more will be the benefits.

So what do you think about the Twitter’s emoji targeting? Are you all set to be benefitted? What are you planning? Please comment below.


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