Selling the Job Position is No Different to Selling a Product

Hiring good people for your company is tough. Finding them at the right time is tougher.

What do you do to hire someone for your firm beyond publishing vacancies?

Do you sell your job vacancy enough?

As per the recruitment experts at the SEO Nijmegen, selling your hiring position is similar to selling a product. They both need to be marketed well and placed in front of the concerned people. So, let us see what you have to do to reach to the right people to hire.

#1. Your website should sell the job well

After knowing about the vacancy, people will check out your website. These job applicants are very much similar to the audiences. They will see your virtual office to know more about you. If you fail to show the utility, they will not consider interviewing. The careers page of your website should be tempting so that the prospects should feel like becoming a part of something big and better.

#2. Invest in memorable ideas and slogans

In order to catch the prospects, it is necessary to use generic slogans or lines or email ids which are easy to remember. People, who have seen an ad on TV or who have seen an ad before a video should be able to remember these lines. They would, thus, recall you if they want to switch the job or someone asks them for a vacancy.

#3. Explain the perks

The description of the job is the most important part that decides how many applications you are going to get. This description should be thorough and it should explain how associating with the firm would help the careers of people. Write answers to every question that your audiences may have regarding the job. If some questions are left unanswered, place a comment box to let people ask them right there, instead of dropping emails.

#4. Spread the message on the job sites

Your website may be popular but many people will not come looking for a vacancy. It is good to mention the vacancy on the job portals. These are the places that the audiences usually visit when searching for a job. This would give you a proper exposure.

#5. Make prospects feel connected and inspire them to contact

How do audiences decide to purchase from you?

The reviews are an important factor. They come from the real audiences, hence, they impact the decision of prospects. Similarly, make a video of the inside life of your company, interview some employees to inspire prospects to join you. It is better to include the testimonials of the employees at the same position for which there is the vacancy.

#6. Use social media like you generally do

Whatever you do or not, do not forget to use social media to tell that you are hiring. The reaches of the search engine is limited to the people who come looking but the social media has influence beyond that. It can inspire a person enough to quit the previous job and join you, even if it was never intended. LinkedIn is one of the most influential sites for hiring but you can use Facebook and Twitter too. If you know some prospects, you can send them emails too.

#7. Let applicants share the job with their friends

Place the social sharing buttons on your jobs page. Let the applicants share the job with their interested friends. If they have applied to you, ask them to put that on the social media. This would give you some extra juice out of your social media strategy.

SEO Rotterdam considers the hiring process as an investment, the better you invest, the better results you will get. It is not necessary to spend a fortune in it, a good compelling content, great graphics, a genuine testimonial, and robust marketing can do the job efficiently. The employees are the future of the company, hire them carefully.

We hope that this article would help you get the good recruits for your position every time.

What do you generally do to hire? Would this article affect your future recruitment strategies? Please comment below.

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