Franchises Can Use These Digital Marketing Opportunities

Local search today is the need of hour. As you know Google is also focusing on local search now and wants the website owners to update their sites accordingly. They need to show the accurate contact details, other SEO techniques such as keyword-rich content, well-optimized meta tags and a strong backlink profile are always important. According to SEO company in Gurgaon for multi-location franchises there are the complications of name, address and phone number accuracy, maintenance and distribution of local business listings, management of Google My Business data and citation development everything is needed and this poses a great challenge.

There are many opportunities which the business franchises can make use of here are some of them:

1.Properly managed local business listing data:

The biggest challenge in local search is maintaining your local business data accurate and consistent and updated across the web.  As you know Google and various directories frequently keep on making automatic updates hence there is a need of proactive review and management.Therefore, franchise marketers must start with an accurate list or database of NAP, hours of operation and other critical business data for every location.

To manage this much amount of data regularly there are some of the tools which are used for streamlining the data. Some of them are Brightlocal, Sweet IQ, Whitespark Citation Founder. Franchises miss these opportunities because they do not try to maintain the proactive approach to update the data.

2.Individual business pages:

If you are a local franchises then make sure that your website is integrated with a perfect location finder. Many businesses fail here as when people search here they do not get all the options because many a times the search engine does not have those local listings and sometimes displays very basic information which is of no use for the user.

Each business location should have its own webpage with important local information like name, address, phone number,office hours, a Google Map of the business and customized content. Local content on each of these pages should be very original because it is not only you but too many businesses use the same copy on every page with only the business location being different. Franchises have a huge opportunity to make sure that each one of these local store pages offers unique content about the location of the store and the nearby environment, nearby landmarks, parking and anything else that makes this location unique.

3.There should be proper review management:

Another very important digital marketing strategy suggested by SEO company in Jaipur many franchises forget or do not pay attention to is reputation and review management. The days of calling a business to complain are long past. Nowadays people use local business listings in order to convey their messages or reviews. So, it is important for the multi location franchises to read those reviews regularly and then respond them back.

It’s important for multi location businesses to monitor reviews for all locations and respond to reviews before hand. On Yelp and Google My Business there is now a star rating which is displayed in the knowledge graph located in the upper right of the SERP when people enter a branded search for a specific local business.

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