Your Conversation Matters A Lot – Use These Words Surely

Communication between people has been the biggest way to convey your thoughts and for this you need to speak using certain words. Experts from SEO company Cambridge say that your words play a very important role which decide that whether you have convinced them or not. So, here are few words which you should include in your conversation as they have their own importance and will definitely make a difference:


Because is the word which states that yes you have a reason for your words. You are requesting someone and then you are stating a proper reason also then it will be more convincing to the listener. The famous writer of the book ‘Influence’ Robert Cialdini wrote that if your conversation is the combination of ‘request and reason’ then this depicts that your request is more likely to be fulfilled.


Since our childhood we are taught to say thanks at the end of everything which someone else does for us because this word has the power to start and end the conversation on a positive note. If you are starting with thanks then you are already on the positive side of the communication and it will set that you feel obliged to discuss it with them. This will make people more willing to know and help you out.


You holds great power in it. If you are using ‘you’ in your conversation then it will make the listener as the centre of conversation and they will feel special. Marketing experts from UK SEO company say that they will feel that you are for them and they will be interested in your idea more and more.


If opens the doors of possibilities. When you use ‘if’ in your sentences you will surely out some conditions in front of your listener or you will create a situation in front of them this will let you explain the scenario more clearly. You can set different options like ‘ if we follow plan A this will happen and if we go with plan B….’


‘Could’ indicates positivity in your sentences because instead of ‘could’ you use ‘never’ or ‘won’t’ and this indicates negativity. For example you can say that ‘ I could have done that extra work if I had some more time”. In this sentence you are not denying the person on his face and this displays that you are sorry because of the lack of resources you could not do that work.


When you use ‘we’ in your conversation it indicates that you are considering both the parties as a single unit. It shows that you are friendly and less ego centric you want to work together and share the benefits.

These words are magical as they really cause magic through them. They can make your work be done through their power. Words have power that can even make a conversation successful and on the other hand they can even destroy it forever. So use these words in your conversation and see how the tables turn for you.


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