The Three Magic Ways Of Using Google Adwords

You already know that Google AdWords can be an important tool for developing your business. According to SEO company Australia even if you are new to PPC marketing then too you know about Adwords and its power. Still if you are not aware of its power then keep this in mind that it will definitely help you to let your business flourish.

The only problem which lies with  most advertisers is that AdWords can be expensive. Every dollar paid for clicks is a dollar you can’t allocate to other areas of your business, so it becomes a rather important business to focus on that.

So, here are three quality hacks of Adwords which will let you use it with all the benefits and less cost:

1.Modify with broad match modified keywords:

There is  a lot of information on the internet that is wrong or bad for your business about the match types advertisers use exclusively. The truth is that each one has a time and a place.

Broad match modified and phrase match keywords create a perfect balance between reaching the largest audience possible. Still they maintain  some control over the type of user who are viewing your ads. So, it becomes important to look at every penny you spend on Adwords. Your users are visiting your page but they are not clicking on the ads this would be the last thing you want in your business.

One more thing about broad match modified keywords, is that they are more trickier as compared to the phrase match keywords.When a post publishes, the only way to move your broad match keywords to broad match modified keywords is to edit them with a + each of the keywords you want to change one by one.

2.Apply the One Per Rule:

The one per rule states that you can use only one keyword for every ad group. According to Adelaide SEO this fact is quite interesting because till now we were told that using keywords is important but now this fact says that you can use only one. But this strategy has its own meaning and importance.

Quality scores are enhanced when the keyword appears in the top most line of your content and that is true. When you think about the Quality Score as numbers then it will never make it easy to forget its importance. Google’s determines how an advertiser creates a good user experience by matching your ad to its message, it also matches the destination and what you are offering to  the consumer. When you follow that One Per Rule, it  puts you in a position to check each one of those boxes.

  1. Call Only Campaigns:

If you’re an advertiser who has to maximize the number of phone calls you get from AdWords, at that you need to make sure to create a discrete and separate path for your potential customers to pick up the phone and call you back. This can be difficult when you’re accustomed to guiding them through the normal AdWords flow of clicking on your ad and landing on your website. There are lots of distractions in those two simple steps that could prevent your customers from doing what you really want them to do.


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