Here’s How Your Firm Is Not Getting The Greatest Talent

A survey conducted in 2013 by marketing companies Melbourne reported that 35 percent of the employers said they had a difficult time when they had to fill positions for their employees because of a lack of talent in their employees. Employers continuously complain about the growing lack of talent. They do not know that it is their own hiring and managerial practices which are driving the talent away from their organization.

Here are some of the facts which are responsible for letting the talent go from your hands:

1.Your website does not have a web page for career opportunities:

Job seekers generally want to learn the main motive and the journey of  the companies they contact for job opportunities. Websites which don’t have a page dedicated to job postings do not attract the vigilant job seekers and hence the companies lose them.

2.You offer a detailed and confusing job application:

When talented job seekers come across long job applications filled with numerous questions, most of them think that it is just a waste of time. So, this thought pushes them away even before they reach your door.

3.You just focus on qulaifications:

Employers who just search for applicants to meet a GPA requirement are pushing away talent. Pay attention to their  skills, rather than the grades the candidate earned in college. Because earning grades is easy nowadays only applying that knowledge practically is the real skill.

Many young professionals don’t have the opportunity to showcase their talent in their new careers because employers  do not give  them the chance. Be open minded when hiring for initial positions. Instead of overlooking, give them their first chance.

4.Not responding to their application:

One of the biggest ways employers lose the real talent is by not responding to every applicant, which creates a negative relationship between employers and job seekers.

5.Forgetting on board employees:

People once hired should feel like they are a part of a culture and mission once hired. According to seo company perth Employers who provide little employee onboarding and  no training will definitely lose potential hires.

6.No meaningful work:

It is found out that the employers who don’t give employees the freedom of creativity, collaboration and innovation are missing out accomplishments. According to the Creative Jobs Report,around 4 out of 10 employed U.S. adults said they would leave their current job for more creative reasons.

The relationship between the employee and the employer is a mutually synergistic one. While a company’s ultimate goal is to receive maximum profit, this cannot be achieved without happy employees. A report has said that one-third of millennials desire to have meaningful work in their jobs.

7.Not offering opportunities for career growth:

Employees today search those jobs which help them to develop both personally as well as professionally. So, if the company is stagnant and is not providing promotions timely then too the employees just plan to leave.

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