5 Questions to convert ‘Window Shoppers’ into ‘Actual Buyers’

What makes a person buy a product?

The utility is the first thing for sure. Why would a bald person purchase a padded hairbrush? For his girlfriend, maybe but let’s just say he doesn’t have one. So, he does not need that and he would not purchase it too.

Moving on to the real audience who want to buy your product but there are certain roadblocks which you have to remove. These roadblocks maybe the high price or delayed delivery or bad review. SEO Cagayan De Oro mentioned us 5 questions that every purchaser asks himself before zeroing on a product and while purchasing it. Let us see what are they and how you can make the website browsers purchase from you.

Question 1: Which is the best Product?

Immediately as the people feel the need to buy a product, they would go to their two or three favorite shopping sites and browse the products. If you want to show them the popular products, always set the default ’popularity’ filter. This way, they will know which are the best and popular products. The reviews can help them make the decision faster. One trick that can do the task is including the review YouTube video to your product page. People are highly influenced by the YouTubers and having one of them at your product page would help a lot.

Question 2: Is this product  relevant to me?

After knowing about the popular or the best-selling product, they would like to gauge their utility against the properties of the product. These properties may be the SPF and UV protection for a sunscreen or number of servings for a ready-to-eat meal. In order to help your customers, provide as much information as you can in the description space. Think of any question that the audiences may have regarding the product. You can also provide some guide on the product page like ‘a guide to know the correct ring size’ or ‘a guide to select the right foundation for your skin’.

Question 3: Is it affordable?

Affordability is actually all in the mind. When a person agrees that he want a product, he can make adjustments to purchase it. In order to make the product appear affordable, mention the discount that you are offering as compared to the market price. Strike the original price and mention the new one. If your product is anything that can be used for a longer duration of time, like a furniture, mention the life of the product. This would make the audience consider the affordability w.r.t. the time.

Question 4: Why should I buy it here? Or Where should I Buy it?

When the audience has shortlisted the product, next comes the decision of making a purchase. They now have to decide whether to purchase from your site or your competitor’s. While the price is one of thing that matters, it is not the only one. The service, delivery charges,  time of delivery, return policy, product packaging etc. helps in making the decision too. The seller ratings and the quality certificate or certificate of authenticity can make the final decision.

Question 5: Did I make the right decision?

The shoppers often give a second thought to the orders that they have placed. They go back to the website to browse again, they go to your competitive website to browse even more. To assure them that they are right, you can send them an email afterward, mentioning how much they have saved by buying from you and how many customers you have made happy by this. You can also offer some discount for the next purchase.

So, it is necessary that you keep these questions in mind to target the audiences. Be a step ahead of your competitors and know what customers are going to ask from you. Appreciate each of your visitors and get connected on a basic level. SEO Cebu suggests targeting the micro-moments of your customers like ‘want to know’, ‘want to buy’, ‘want to go’ moments. The behavior of customers is changing and so you should be ready to catch them when they visit you for even a short duration of time.


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