Employees Need More Than A Paycheck To Stay Back With You

Meaningful work is something that almost everyone will want to do. According to SEO services Bunbury especially employees who desire jobs with a purpose they always want to get  identified with their performance, they want to know that they’re making an impact.

It does not mean that as long as you pay well to them they will stay with you, they need their own recognition, meaning that why are they working and lot more than a paycheck.

There was a survey that said that 57 percent of North American employees weren’t motivated by their company’s mission. And, not surprisingly, 50 percent said they didn’t expect to be with their employers a year later more than a year. Meaningful work seems to have a real and  impact on employees.

Here are the characteristic of those employees who find meaning and purpose in their job other than just a paycheck:

1.Their inner motivation increases:

Employees are motivated by rewards and recognition. But these are extrinsic examples of motivation which do not play that important role. The key to never ending motivation goes is  intrinsic. This intrinsic urge of doing things rises when they find a purpose to stay back.

For example if the leaders of the company start listening to their employees’ ideas and explaining about them then employees will find the real meaning to work with them. In this way they will be productive and generate more ideas which will be finally beneficial for the organization.

2.More job seekers are attracted:

A survey report says that 56 percent of recruiters surveyed by Jobvite  said they were not able to find the skilled talent they needed and 95 percent of them expected that this problem would become even more competitive in the future.

While the job seekers are searching for such jobs in which they first want to confirm that for whom are they going to work and what will be the purpose of the job.

Purpose and values set employers apart from their competitors in the job market. When employers can show the applicants that their work is meaningful in in every sense , they attract more candidates and have faster recruitments.

3.Less job hopping:

Job-hopping is a popular trend today, and it is costing a lot to the companies. According to a report by SEO services Brisbane, turnover from millennials alone costs the U.S. economy $30.5 billion per year. The major reason why the employees are leaving is that They are on the search for work that satisfies them, gives them some purpose and goals to accomplish. 71 percent of millennials who genuinely agreed that they knew the goals of their organization and the purpose for what it  stood for and what made it different from its competitors, said they planned to be with their company for at least one year.


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